Understanding Diabetes Part One

Every Day Studies Verify and Disclose New Findings On The Evolution of The Diabetes Epidemic, (and the Fix).

Reason-Explanation For Your Diabetes: Obvious

Continuing It, With Pills, = Early Demise: Your Option

You have within your brain an automated (totally automatic) section that regulates the amount of blood sugar in your blood stream. It measures what is in the blood stream and arriving from digestion, and when high sugar peaks arrive from current western diets, (refined sugar, starch etc) it turned on whatever amount of insulin necessary to get it down to safe levels and keep you from literally drowning in high glucose levels.

These high insulin levels called up, forced this huge over run of blood sugar into muscles, because your liver (your sugar gas tank) has very limited capacity to absorb over supply.

As you age you lose your muscle mass 1% a year after 40 and if you have turned some of the muscle cells into fat cells, (now lost to sugar storage) soon your storage area is inadequate, to handle sugar peaks, you no longer have a large enough “High Sugar dump.”

For 2 million years, sugar was scarce and man sorted out a little sugar mixed with much fiber, resulting 2 hour digestion process put sugar into the blood stream very slowly.

Refined sugar is in your blood stream in as little as three minutes. (huge peaks)

Insulin was primarily a fat making hormone that forced extra sugar in the diet during summer high sugar season into making some fat cells to help you make it through the winter.

Even fruit and berries, the high sugar summer food, (1900) were 1/5 the sugar that berries and fruit bred up in sweetness for the super market trade are today.

Here, you have been producing HIGH insulin year around to suppress dangerously high blood sugar levels from fast digesting refined food sugar peaks.

It is this almost continuous HIGH insulin that has been doing your body damage, (the villian) and contributing to early demise degenerative, “do it to yourself” diseases.

When your dangerously high insulin levels no longer tolerable, because you no longer have adequate high sugar dump facilities to dispose of emergency high sugar levels enough to control them, then they say you have “diabetes.”

The medical society standard treatment is to give you medications to let you keep doing the modern day high sugar flour diet, which means fast digestion sugar peaks that got you into trouble, they attempt to control by slowing down your digestion with man made chemicals.

Most of these drugs have side effects as damaging as the high sugar, many leading to early death and several government studies where stopped when this became apparent.

In addition to man made chemicals to slow the digestion process etc they actually give you chemicals to force your pancreas, already often making four times the normal insulin levels into making even higher levels. ( as much as seven times normal)

Soon your pancreas starts to give out and they advance you to stronger and stronger “hype and ramp up your pancreas even more” medication.

When all this no longer works, and your pancreas collapses, (which it will under that kind of stress) they put you on man made insulin shots for the rest of your life.

We have a copy (advice to specialists) of the medical procedure of escalating drugs, needed,, how long before it is you are needing to advance to more powerful drugs, and then how long before you can expect to switch the patient on to insulin shots.

This was not supposed to be in our hands.

All of this high insulin needed to control blood sugar levels when you keep eating refined sugar and starches, causes you to die quite often early of heart damage etc. about 80% of the causes for U.S. deaths.

Most of these (such as heart attacks, cancer, etc) (even diabetes) were almost unheard at the turn of the century. (1900) (Before the high sugar, high fructose, steel milled flour, man made chemicals diet.)

You own doctor will confirm and tell you, that with standard medical treatment on your diabetes, you can expect a 15 year loss of life expectancy.

Before the advent of man made insulin, the treatment and control of diabetes was to eliminate foods from your diet that cause sugar peaks and the need for insulin.

A re-testing of this method, recent studies show still works and does NOT have the side effects of man made drugs, every one of which has serious side effects,

You do NOT get caught up in the ever increasing drug spiral higher and higher insulin levels and eventually leading to augmenting with man made high insulin level shots. (and early demise)

But they did let you stay on your ‘sugar-a-holic addiction.” They say that’s what you are going to do…any way….so they have to help you survive that as long as they can.

Besides, its the only way to get you out of the office in 15 minutes, write you another more powerful prescription.

Early demise, definition: means going to the cemetery way earlier than you would have otherwise.