Why Diabetics Have Wild Sugar Fluctuations

As a Diabetic trying to control and understand your wild blood sugar fluctuations, problem is that you tend to limit your thinking to that your high blood sugar is all about just what you are eating.

You can learn to almost eliminate your blood sugar from food and then you see you still have wild blood sugar levels that make no sense at all.

These wild blood sugar level changes are sugar being dumped from your liver into your blood sugar at all the wrong times.

How is my liver getting all this blood sugar to dump into my blood stream when i am not eating any you may ask?

Your liver acts like a sugar factory on overtime, churning out glucose throughout the day, even when blood sugar levels are high. If there is no sugar in liver storage, it converts sugar to store in the liver making it from fat or muscle mass.

The liver is the “sugar factory and warehouse” when you are not eating any direct sugar making material.

Your body is a dual fuel machine that runs on 2 different fuels depending the activity, blood glucose, is used for high-energy activities, or emergency supplementation.

Routine times normally on just body fat, for low-energy activities.

This is if you have switched from being a sugar burner, to becoming a natural fat burner like you were made to be. see our instructions on how to do that elsewhere.

Your system was made to run on fat primarily (except the brain runs on glucose) (*liver always makes when needed from fat) the body burns mainly glucose, for high energy needs or bursts.

During sleep, of course, it burns primarily fat, but your body automatic system releases a lot of sugar into your blood stream to energize morning activity survival needs like the big bear hiding outside the cave waiting for you to come out. (survival from the past).

In diabetic circles this high morning sugar is called the “morning affect”.

Your operating system normally controls this, glucose to fat burning mainly in response to two key hormones — insulin and glucagon — that are produced by the pancreas.

During major activity the pancreas releases insulin, which promotes the burning of supplemental glucose when operating as a fat burner. If still on full time sugar burner, you only store fat, you all of the time only burn sugar.

When you are a dedicated fat burner, (if not you need to switch) normal activity, the pancreas releases glucagon into the bloodstream, which signals the body to fire up the fat burner.

The big store of sugar in your liver is for running your brain, and primarily emergency fuel supplementation when engaged in major activity. were fat burning energy conversion is not fast enough to get you out of harms way etc.

(basically the body’s switch to full time fat burner is made by no sugar input and a lot of high fat input long term.) (what you were made to operate as)

The Diabetics problem is the signaling system and your body operating system has lost control of the livers timing in inserting high blood sugar (normally for emergencies) when none is needed.

The liver is throwing in this extra blood sugar for emergency exertion when there is none. (if you do engage in a major physical activity you can get it back down again)

Then if you are eating anything with sugar, the digestion system is also dumping sugar into the blood stream and now you have a double whammy.

When you have cut out all sugar input you have fixed this possibility of a double whammy, but you can still have dangerously high blood sugar from the “out of control liver blood sugar insertion” all by itself.

This is what we are talking about in saying you have got your blood sugar under control.

It is working with your automatic system to coach it into getting control of automatic auxiliary sugar release.

You have sort of coaxed your automatic operating system into regaining enough control to keep your blood sugar at tolerable levels.


…by cooperating with your inherited automatic operating system and being VERY consistent with inputs, time of day timing day after day and that sort of thing.

Every time you cheat or throw off consistent timing and inputs your operating system is set back in its getting back to controlling levels.

Please follow rules that help it to work..

This can take weeks.

Metformin seems to be about the only drug that helps suppress the livers untimely releases to some degree and you need to only taper off from it as your body regains control on its own. Work with your doctor if on prescriptions, as you regain control.


…..maybe that helps you to understand the crazy making varying blood sugar readings you get if you are into that.

There are two key words, here is TIME, number one, this is not a fast process, waiting for your operating system to regain control, after you have eliminated sugar input for some time.

The other word is “consistency” in following guidelines so your operating system is no longer subject to “surprises”.

Help out with helpful supplements, and every way you can, and by learning to control stress ( another subject and a learned process.)

If experiencing this problem, you might add Milk Thistle to your supplements until corrected.