Stop Taking Tylenol – Anything With Acetaminophen Content

Side Effects Can Wind Up Killing You

Taking pain killers such as Tylenol which contain the drug, acetaminophen makes you up to 80 percent more likely to have high blood pressure in the dangerous range according to a Harvard Medical School Instructor.

Look for and throw out these pain relievers (likely in your medicine cabinet right now) because they can increase your blood pressure considerably by interfering with your blood vessels’ ability to relax.

(this is the opposite of dark chocolate, remember, it causes these to relax and cut your chances of dying 50% according to studies)

This drug acetaminophen, in Tylenol etc helps increase your blood pressure, and ups considerably your risk for heart attacks and strokes.

Side affects listed include severe kidney damage (involved in large doses) particularly when you have alcohol involved at the same time.

Here is a quote from an article on the recent studies on liver damage from Tylenol:

Dr. Watkins says if Tylenol was a new drug in development the results of the study would be the end of the drug.

If you have not read the side effects of taking aspirin, particularly long term like your doctor may suggest, please look at ours and other articles on the side effects, please do so before continuing..

Remember, every man made chemical, prescription or non prescription has side effects, (which long term may do more harm to your health then what you are trying to fix.) many of which have not even been uncovered.