Diabetics: A “Must” Supplement to keep on Hand.

Pycnogenol, Most Studied Supplement Ever

Understand What Causes Mental Decline as You Age, Compensate.

It is the one supplement that improves everything and I insist every diabetic know about it… Down side is it costs you about a buck a day or more but that’s better than the alternative sometimes.

I call this the diabetic “keep this on hand at least…”supplement. So when you are in trouble, something is not working or in my case I consider a toe puncture, cut or scrape in foot or leg area etc that is likely going to take some time as a diabetic to heal up. To me that is big potential trouble as a neuropathy diabetic.

This is my one serious diabetes test is how fast I heal up. At the height of my medication diabetes on for six months etc I would take six months to heal up totally, a simple cut or scrape.

Now I can heal up a bad one in a bit longer then a non diabetic but not much longer.

Probably because if not healing up right away I found if I take Pycnogenol it heals up almost right away. Was in South America and got banged up, cut some shin or something that was not healing up and I looked all over for Pycnogenol and a few days before going home we found it but they wanted over a hundred dollars for it.

Told em to keep it, was going home in a few days and it was not fatal.

But if your blood sugar needs help or anything at all take “Pycnogenol.” Will tell you the whole story one day on this substance. Only one doctor that has his own non medication type fix for diabetes has it on his “must” list for diabetics, his clients are in a very high income area…

Studies show it does drastically lower your blood sugar. (study done by University of Arizona. No known side effects.

Never hear others even mention it. But this Dr. has it on his every diabetic “must take it list.”

Think he is like me, he recommends it because of personal experience and knows it works.

Other safe consideration, there is not a single supplement that has all the studies this substance has. Every study they pay a different university to do, has come back successful. (hundreds) I Read these new studies every month and latest one was it helps stop Tendonitis , (ringing in your ears) of all things. Whatever the study it always works. (most studied substance on the market, so keep it on hand so when you have something in trouble, immediately start taking it..

Even if it has nothing to do with diabetes.

No I Have no connection with this outfit, I just tell you because you won’t survive something because you do not know about the fix. This is a fix in my case for healing up things that won’t heal up promptly for a diabetic.

In case you are not familiar, almost all foot and leg amputations started out as a small injury on a foot or leg that would not heal.

Heard of one example, guy was in hospital for four months for toe injury, absolutely would not heal. Had over a $100,000 hospital bill, and wound up losing two toes with nearly $50k more in amputation -hospitalization. Was a typical Medication type treatment patient.

Now you know why the Diabetes Association says the typical diabetes patient is worth more than $14,000 annually to the medical profession.

This article and substance, Pycgnogenol, can mean life or death to a diabetic that is in trouble and something on an extremity won’t heal.

Therefore when I tell you I really watch how long an injury takes to heal up, I consider that is my “normalcy” test.

If heal up my scratched bleeding arm completely in a little over a week, when my dog scratch’s me, then I can figure my diabetes is under control and diabetes is still history and all is well.

Worse case was, it was taking six months to heal up scabs etc.