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Dr. Fred Pescotore from the Hamptons in New York, has a newsletter and does a lot on Diabetes self fix, no medication, He is one of the few that is publicly out spoken about Pycnogenol so I am delighted to rerun and quote what he has to say about it to his readers.

Dr. Pecotore, best quote:

I’ve always said that if I was stranded on a desert Island, I would want this supplement in my pocket, it’s just that powerful a life saver.

I get into exposure to the subject of Pycnogenol all the time because month after month for seven years have watched the French Company that distributes Pycnogenol pay for extensive studies by a different University every time, on using Pycnogenol to treat most every ailment known to man. Amazed and appalled that this huge success rate is not brought to the public’s attention.

Now, since they use a different university for ever study there likely is no possibility of a payoff of the people doing the studies to get these ” works every time” results.

Here is what the Dr. Pascotore newsletter says about a recent Pycgnogenol study.

Dr. Pascotore says in his newsletter……

“About Pycnogenol, here’s a quick refresher. It’s a bark extract from the French maritime pine tree that has multiple health benefits. Study after study has shown that this extract is a powerful natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Which makes it key in supporting heart health in particular.

Now, an important new study has taken a closer look at those heart-health properties. And researchers found that Pycnogenol can literally stop artery and blood vessel damage in its tracks. And even help reverse it.

The study appeared in this month’s issue of the European Heart Journal.

A group of Swiss researchers examined Pycnogenol’s effects on 23 patients with coronary artery disease. During the first 8 weeks of the study, they were randomly assigned to take Pycnogenol (200 mg daily) or a placebo. After a two-week “washout period,” each volunteer was switched to the opposite protocol.

After 8 weeks of Pycnogenol treatment, patients had a 32 percent improvement in blood flow. Also, there were significantly lower levels of 5-F(2t)-Isoprostane, a marker for oxidative stress and free radical damage.

These results showed Pycnogenol’s antioxidant power at work. Protecting artery walls, and helping them open up, so blood could flow more easily.”

End of Dr. Pescatore MD report on pygnogenol.

You should subscribe to the good Doctors free newsletter. Dr. Pescatore has a six week program on overcoming diabetes, along with heart disease and high blood pressure etc. you should not miss.

Editors Note: You will have trouble finding any prescription that comes anywhere near making a 32 per cent improvement in blood flow that this study shows with Pycnogenol.

We say even if you have no diseases or ailments, even then you should have on hand a month’s supply of Pycnogenol. Take it immediately when any problem appears that needs help. Keep taking it til it goes away, as an assistance to whatever else you are doing for it.

Take it all the time, if it fits your budget, second best supplement investment you can make for your health. (dark Chocolate, number one.) This is one of the “Add 15 years” supplements.

In seven years of reading studies I have never seen anything that comes close to the success ratio of healing, improving or totally fixing almost everything you might take it for. So matter what bad health thing suddenly appears, be sure you have pycnogenol on hand to get you out of trouble.

Not selling it….Just telling you my research observation, as well as my own use experience. It works on everything I have ever taken it for……

This stuff is more expensive than most supplements, but when you need something to work, this is a good bet no matter what you have to fix.

For example, if you have neuropathy or even do not as a diabetic, any physical injury is very hard to heal. Pycnogenol will help get it back to healable. You take it, you do not apply it…..

Unlike prescriptions, and manmade chemicals, all have side effects, even aspirin. Have never seen a side effect for Pycnogenol.