One Look, Understand “Why” Diabetes

 Obvious Since 1930’s, Diabetes Only With Switch To Western Diet

Indigenous Peoples, All No Diabetes
Until Diet Switch

Wrong Fuel For Years=Serious Problem

Every Body Doing It, Does Not Make it Work Longer


Stop Doing What Caused The Problem OR

Add Drugs To Trick Your Body To Tolerate A Bit Longer… More

Announced 15 Years Off Your Life Span On That Route Out Live Your Doctor, Just Let Your Body Make You a SurvivorKnows How

Smart Diabetics Stop Doing What Doesn’t Work.

Diabetic and/or Obesity Knock Appear?

Surprise, You Now Have A “FIX” Warning

It basically says that the attached articles are Harlan L. Jacobsen, 44 year researche-editor-publishers conclusions after Five plus years of editorial research to uncover how to regain the 15 years life expectancy lost after being diagnosed with Diabetes and using the standard medical society pharmaceutical treatments.

The Web sites are his sharing what he has uncovered, what has successfully worked well for him, and is the current state of information of “what works” for others, as well, and all the information gleaned from the recent studies on the subject.

All published in the only Diabetes newspaper in the world as well as on the web. The newspaper, Diabetes Cure 101 also has two web versions, http://Diabetes Cure and.

Currently developing a new site update on Self Help for your diabetes. and a forum site where you can discuss your diabetes live.

We know that a diet change is crucial to Diabetics and cover it in We discovered obesity and diabetes are from the same cause and fix and take it up in http://YBFat

Also, one on Chocolate Therapy, and important for diabetics, how to make Pemmican, called

In addition, he publishes a free Diabetes online newsletter you can sign up for delivered to you email in box (in addition to four other newsletters and free online courses).

If any of Diabetic readers are afflicted with Asthma, or know of someone who is, be sure and go to Very extensive cure on Asthma research we just completed.

From Asthma research and Dr. Buteyko’s work, we now know a major breathing error affects diabetics, and other illnesses and will be doing more on this, read up on it in the Asthma site.

Most all of the important information on any of these web sites appears in some issue of the hard copy newspaper, (including some on asthma) often with more extensive information.

We sell no books, courses or pills. We do like to sell subscriptions to our hard copy paper to keep it going (helps us pay that big printing and postage bill) for many not on the web, and as a supplement for those that are. Since we have no ad income our subscription is necessarily high priced.

We do sell back issues for those wanting to catch up.

Also compiled online a health maps and graphs site called that let’s you see in a glance, what’s happening in health. Many of these have appeared in the newspaper. We are now drawing some of our own.

Definition of the word “cure” in regard to diabetes is:

Return to health, getting off all medications and totally arresting all further advancement of diabetic complications.

Note: The definition of a “cure” for emphysema or lung cancer” is NOT to regain the ability to go back to repeat the cause, smoking a pack a day with impunity.

Neither, with diabetes, is the ability to go back, regain the ability to repeat the cause:

Sugar binges, etc. with impunity, not part of the definition of a “cure” for Diabetes.

Author, researcher, publisher, reporter, blogger, Jacobsen has no medical expertise of any kind, and the newspaper and the web sites are designed and made to be educational, informative on regaining and maintaining health, not intended as medical advice.

We take no advertising in any of our newspapers, and thus our editorial content can in no way be influenced by advertisers.

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Income generated from Google adsense ads on these and our over 450 other published sites pay our internet publishing bills and employees engaged therein. (hopefully)

We are not hyper sensitive to not saying something because we might be sued and are willing to call a spade a spade when warranted.

This because have learned with my newspapers to act as my own attorney in First Amendment cases. (Could not afford continued huge legal bills.)

Most publishers restrict content, wording and actions afraid of possibilities of legal bills bankrupting them. (which many do, is a realistic concern.)

Over a 40 year period acted as own attorney in 24 Federal First Amendment (distribution) cases, won most, and have won four in the US Federal court of appeals, some of which have been precedent setting nation wide.

Example, (result) we are one of the few established publishers not intimidated and afraid to use the word “Cure”.