The Problem In Diabetics Pipes?

Diabetics Health Problems Are Not Readily Visable, It Is What’s Going On inside the Pipes

No Diabetes Switch Or Knob To Control

There are several things happening in your blood stream and we are going to talk about the four obvious things going on you need to become quickly acquainted with as a new diabetic.

This is serious business, and if you think you feel fine and see no reason to give up smoking, your usual booze, and an occasional crispy creme doughnut, and your triple strawberry sundae, then anything we say will be a waste of time.

We do not want to be in a position of getting your full attention, too late to change anything.

Like a dear friend of mine dying from the effects of smoking all his life, went to visit him in his dying days and he had his oxygen plumbing and all and he was still smoking away. I was appalled.

I said, “all this and you still can not stop smoking”, and he said, “no, his doctor told him it was too late, quitting would make no difference, he might as well keep right on enjoying his cigarettes, til the end.” and he did just that.

I can visualize him taking one last puff before they closed the lid.

Now, maybe that is the route you want to go, just max out what you been doing as long as you can.

We are hard nosed, and say you can not successfully, taper off like the smoker and only smoke six cigarettes a day, or the alcoholic who says I will just have one beer a day for a while. Wont happen.

Diet and life style change will be a shock to your system and we suggest you taper off, with correcting one meal, likely breakfast to start for a few days and then more and more so in a week it will be basically changed.

It will feel terribly uncomfortable for 21 days, to create a new habit and life style.

You will have grave doubts about have I done the right thing, or does this mean my life as I knew it is over etc. Hang in there.

The four things you are mainly concerned about changing and what this is all about is correcting, medical people will tell you, controlling your blood sugar.

We tell you all about that elsewhere and lets just say it is very frustrating to try to control your blood sugar. Very frustrating experience, and not an exact science.

We are happy to say after five years research we are finally starting to figure out why that is so hard to do successfully.

Why that is so difficult and by next issue we should have it cleared up hopefully. (three months for web readers) In the meantime, struggle like the rest of us did.

Blood sugar is the only thing my doctor was interested in, (a1c readings) etc

Neither Doctor I had ( in two parts of country at same time ( I used to commute cross country) would even order an insulin test unless I insisted and one told me when I got that first one that my 18 insulin reading was okay… **(actually 18 is a disaster) I am looking to get it down to 6.

Worse thing is the other doctor had even given me medication that RAISED my insulin level and twice put me into insulin shock. Hypoglycemia (too low blood sugar) (almost past out in there, had to get me a cookie to bring me around)

Actually you might say, high blood sugar can make an invalid out of you and is crucial but much more likely to kill you off soon is High insulin, High tricycerides, and High blood pressure. Which your doctor hardly mentions.

One medical intern told me they were teaching now in medical school, that a diabetic should be more concerned about checking and controlling his blood pressure then he was about controlling his blood sugar.

We could go on and on here about this but lets just end this by saying here is what you should do to control these four, and keep in mind the high blood sugar may be the least likely to kill you early but is most likely to make an early invalid out of you.

The other 3 are sleepers that kill you and everybody will say isn’t that a shame, he died so young and he was learning how to get his blood sugar under control too.

So here is what I would do immediately. Get off all sugars and starch, (all grains) anything with a label all man made foods, (vegetable oils for example) Quit all underground vegetables. Quit all dairy except butter and full fat yogurt.

I would consider myself as a fat burner, back to basic designed for (almost your total calorie fuel will be fat) and NEVER eat anything low fat again (they are loaded with junk diabetics cannot handle.) Fat you can handle.

Eat all that is left over (not on the list) that you want whenever you want, except nothing after 8 PM and eat right away on arising.

Take supplements and get on dark chocolate (no milk no sugar) therapy, (opens your pipes and fixes your high blood pressure and strokes etc. almost instantly.)

In 60 days your triglycerides (fat making in blood stream) should be way down from no more sugar and high insulin that goes with it. (no high sugar and no high insulin you can NOT make fat cells.)

Eliminating sugar eliminates insulin. It only appears to regulate sugar. (one thing it does to regulate it is make fat out of peaks.)

The regulating your blood sugar is another whole book of stories.

Sudden change…..teach yourself, new eat slow, drag it out, read etc. eat often and small amounts…nibble all day…like eat something preferably high fat like nuts etc every two hours. Be not really hungry and eat relatively small meals. No clean up your plate mentality.. Eat gobs of steamed veggies and meat. Eat again in two hours high fat such as high fat yogurt chocolate pudding. Throw in a few blueberries, or couple table spoons of non sweetened apple sauce.

Thats it til morning…..

Now, thats how you control your food sugar level……

Here is the part we never talked about before.

When you wake in the morning and some other surprise times you will have dangerously high blood sugar initially and you have NOT eaten a thing,

This is your automatic involuntary body control system (your big computer) turning sugar up and down pull from muscle storage and your liver.

Figuring out how or why it is doing it will drive you nuts.

So when we are saying you are learning to control your blood sugar you think we are talking about you adding up this and that and eating certain things and learning to do that… Okay we are thats HALF of it…

The other half is teaching your involuntary control system from doing this nutty sugar regulating, ( it has gone berserk because of out of control sugar levels putting your life in danger. )

So eating very regularly ( every two hours) and high fat, and high fiber, so some slow digesting energy is arriving in your blood stream all day long. (Absolutely NO sugar peaks EVER) (that is why no cheating) Eating stops at almost an exact time each day and starts at almost an exact time each day.

After 3 weeks of this (21 days) *(you have been teaching your involuntary control system that all is under control) It no longer has any excuse for these crazy regulating sugar things to go on.

So when we say learning controlling your blood sugar it is a VERY BIG PART teachingyour involuntary sugar control system that its big panic control need is over.

When you cheat and decide to have that big piece of your daughters birthday cake, you blew its convincing pattern… You have to start your 21 convincing it days all over again.

This is not like learning that 2 and 2 is four, this is more an automated repetitive skill like learning to ride a bike. Once your automatic system catches on (drills and exercises) it becomes all most effort less and automatic.

Note: Diagrams are not scientifically accurate, but are approximations with editorial liberties taken to illustrate with visual comparisons.