Overcoming Insulin Resistance Problem Cures Diabetes Type 2 and Obesity

Type 2 and Obesity

Right!…..But Nobody Is Fixing
Insulin Resistance.

Almost all of the Diabetes “Insulin Resistance” books on the subject claim that no one knows what really causes Insulin Resistance, which is really what Diabetes is ….namely…. Out of control blood sugar because of cells becoming “Insulin Resistant.”

FIX these body Cells so they are no longer insulin resistant, means cells absorb blood sugar normally and there is no longer out of control blood sugar, in other words no longer any diabetes. Fix Insulin resistance, you CURE diabetes.

  1. They are not sure what causes Insulin Resistance.
  2. They do not know how to keep it from getting progressively worse.
  3. They do not know how to reverse the resistance and to get the cells to accept sugar normally (cure) again..


Logic Enters Here…..figure this out ourselves.

  1. Every case of developed “insulin resistance” it appears there has been extremely high Insulin levels going on.
  2. Every case of developed “insulin resistance” this high insulin level has been going on for some time. It did not just start yesterday.
  3. Logic would assume that if there was a high level pushing these cells to absorb more and more sugar, there would need to be some self fixing body defense measure these cells could take to get relief from this. There is.
  4. What happens after a period of time of extremely high insulin levels is the cells become more and more resistant to doing anything with the sugar, that constant high insulin is forcing on them, and this cell refusal is in direct relationship to the amount of insulin and the period of time they have been flooded.


Logic would assume the only way to stop Insulin Resistance to stop growing worse, would be to
LOWER YOUR INSULIN LEVELS to more near normal, do whatever it took


Your doctor likely never even checked your insulin level. He was only interested in your “blood sugar level.”

He even gives you medication to raise your insulin level even further as the easy way to make your cells accept more blood sugar and thereby lower your blood sugar level.

Then over Time……. When that wont do it anymore, as your insulin resistance keeps getting higher and higher and more total…. he adds in “injectable Insulin.”

Nobody seems even interested in:

  1. Lowering Your Hyper Insulin Level
  2. Stopping Your Insulin Resistance from progressing constantly and getting even more total.
  3. Lowering Your blood sugar and Insulin level both.
  4. Reversing Your increasing Insulin Resistance. (or at least stopping it from progressing)
  5. Informing You……that this Treatment that they have you in leads only to certain Degeneration, Disablement and premature Death. That they offer no “option.”
  6. That this treatment of concentrating only on “controlling your blood sugar” only staves off most further body damage for a relatively short time, because it progresses anyway. (as insulin resistance continues to increase due to high insulin)

You Have To Get Yourself Out Of This One

It will be up hill all the way.

Sure, you can keep right on doing what you have been doing, and sure you can get your Doctor to string you along the higher Insulin to control your blood sugar route for a year or two….so you can keep on doing for a while longer basically what you have been doing.

Your life expectancy will be less then half what it was. …. Your chances of dying of heart or circulatory problems increase to 80%, Your likely (over 50% odds) to develop neuropathy of the feet or hands, or nerves that control your heart rhythm or even blindness. (80% of diabetics eyes are eventually affected.)

These will all start silently and advance to where they are not stoppable before you even know they are happening. No amount of hospitalization or health insurance will fix it. No amount of “super” intense controlling your blood sugar will help.

There is no going back and “wishing I had done things differently” when I had the chance.

Bite The Bullet, Act Now

Every day you delay, the odds get worse and the stopping the headway gets more difficult.

Tell your doctor you want to try to control your blood sugar with Diet. If medication is needed to start, Metformin or non insulin raising medication til diet control is established. Then he should likely drop that.

Now Comes The Hard Part
If you have up until now “lived to eat”, then you are going to have a lot of trouble making the switch to what is now going to be basically just “eat to live.” Chances are you are overweight so a big part of your getting your blood sugar readings under control is going to depend on your also losing some weight. If you do your diabetic diet correctly you should lose weight right along with it. If you go on Low carb, high protein diet such as the Atkins diet, South Beach diet or any of the caveman or paleo diets. we recommend as great to control your blood sugar, never go hungry, practically no keeping track of anything, you will have a lot of trauma initially adjusting to the new life style. You will be tempted to cheat…like the smoker who sneaks just a few puffs a day.

Basically, I decided and I think you will need to also, is that this was something I had to do and what I was going to do.

With finger poke meter readings you soon learn what works and what does not.

You have basically two routes to take. Try cutting out this and that and see if you can get your readings down and still include that food. This is going to take you a long time to get your readings down.

Basically, you need to get your readings down right away and if you get on the traditional diabetes association type “carb” diets you have very little chance of success in my opinion.

You will have to become an accountant with a calculator trying to figure exactly how much of what you can get away with and when. You will not want to give up this or that and what if I eat just a little of that what will it do to my readings.

It will be a nightmare of keeping track, life was already complicated, you did not plan on making it unbearable complicated.

There will always be something new to try to get in your diet and still keep your readings in range.

The second way is to go on a very well defined diet, you can eat all of this and all of that you want any time you want.. Paleo for example. This other list with Paleo or any of the similar “hunter Gatherer diets, is things you can never eat again so are simply no longer a consideration.

Go strictly by this until your blood sugar readings have gotten down to where they should be on a consistent basis and then and only then allow yourself to try adding back in an exception or two.

I now find this very easy to do ..I eat only when hungry, eat no more then necessary to stop being hungry and eat as much of anything on the list as I want whenever I feel like it. Not really worked at (ate with that in mind) losing weight at all, it has just happened. I have as of this writing lost 46 pounds and continue to average 2 pounds a week. My blood sugar is better without medication then it used to be with medication. It has stopped getting better recently and any down now I think I will likely really have to work at. I had hoped by now to get down below 100 on a regular basis but only do that on occasion.

Now I am working (researching) on finding out how or leaning how to lower my Insulin level,
I see this as an absolute key. Blood sugar control is necessary, but if you are going to beat the real cause (high insulin) and the problem head on it appears to me to lower my insulin to near normal, my body cells will adjust to sugar again (cure insulin resistance) in a reasonable time and my “former” diabetes will be a dead issue.

My latest take on insulin resistance:

Cells May Not Be Insulin Resistant, May Be Wrong Assumption

Common Outlook obviously has not been working in fixing anything,

so….Thinking Out of The Box:

Have decided that maybe insulin resistance is not insulin resistance exactly at all. It may be simply the cells have in self defense after being awash with a flood of insulin for years pressuring cells to accept more sugar, have slowed or shut down carbohydrate metabolism. If that’s the case and it very well may be, the “overcoming” of so called “Insulin resistance may be no more than a matter of re-viving and re-reving shut down metabolism.

Drawing from my research I recall a book on weight loss that took off pounds and kept them off, primarily thru metabolism speed up using inexpensive Capsaicin.

Capsaicin (to speed metabolism) use is common in Mexico (hot Chile Peppers) so it occurs to me this may well be the reason the Pima Indian Mexican residents have much lower Diabetes then those Pima Indians in the US who have a 65% diabetes rate, the highest of any group in the world..

Originally explained away as “higher fiber” intake in Mexico on the same source and amount of calories.

One book suggested drinking warm liquids 30 minutes before meals as an aid to lowering blood sugar.
Therefore, to combine all this I am starting to make a tea with Vinegar, Capsaicin, (cayenne pepper) small amount of honey, Vitamin C and Cinnamon. Drink this 30 minutes before or with meals.

Cinnamon supposedly (study) lowers blood sugar over 20%. Now I read that it raises metabolism considerably and that is where I am going..


Then I read an ASU study that shows a gram of vinegar 3 times a day lowers blood sugar as much as cinnamon and all by itself can replace much of your Diabetes medication..

Now I find out it is supposedly the acid in vinegar that cuts blood sugar over 20% so I am testing the same tea made with Lemons, instead of vinegar. (as the acid) Personal guinea pig…

Also starting test run on Aloe Vera, soon.

Actually I am usually trying out so many things at the same time that if they each cut blood sugar over 20% as represented I would likely not have any blood sugar at all.

Sort of appears that each may well lower blood sugar 20 plus per cent but just maybe they are not addititive.

It also occurs to me if Insulin Resistance or Shut down metabolism is (either one) caused by cells being awash in way to much insulin for a long time, (and I believe it is) then fixing either one will not last unless I get this hyper high level of insulin lowered.

To do that I need a finger prick meter to read my insulin level (just like you read blood sugar levels) so I can monitor it several times a day and determine what it is that I can do to lower my insulin level and see it happen.

Turns out the meter is available but FDA only has one approved for Doctors. I am out in the cold, best I can do is run in for a $75 a crack lab test. Back to zero on that idea.

We just solve these problems one at a time

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