Optimize Food Input For Damage Fix

Diabetes, Strokes, Obesity, Heart Attacks, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, are Accumulated Food Mistake Damages.

Your Ability To Handle Input Not Made For Diminishes With Age
WARNING: Fail To Compensate, It Kills You

Mans health problems have basically developed in the last 200 years and primarily accelerating in the last 50.

Over 80% of Americans are now dying of what was almost unheard in 1900. Some doctors had never ever seen a case of diabetes. Soon a third of the population will have diabetes or pre diabetes.

A third of the population is approaching Obesity and over half overweight.

Every indigenous society, like the Inuit’s, the American Indian, Aborigines, and dozens others around the world had NONE of these diseases and sources of death until each were introduced to the western diet. Only then did these killers become part of their life.’

Within 20 years of that introduction they start dying at the same rate of the same illnesses as people in western society.

The medical society has been telling them since the 20’s that if you stay in this hospital you will die, However, we have found that many that return to their native village etc and go back on their traditional diet, that you should know that they often fully recover and you may want to do that as your best hope.

They did studies in the thirties for example, that the Australian Aborigines that moved to town, a large number became within 20 years dying of diabetes complications.

The study’s showed that many returning to their native area and resulting switch back to their native diet fully recovered.

Nobody under the best or most expensive medical care and medications in the U.S. ever recovers from diabetes.

Diabetes and other degenerative disease only progress to complications and earlier death with American system of medical care. No one recovers they treat only symptoms.

Primarily with manmade chemicals that only add new problems and often even earlier death, verified and shown even by government studies such as the Accord Study. (10,000 people in study and cost millions of dollars, stopped at 3 years because of much earlier deaths of those on prescription drugs.) Those on no treatment at all lived longest.

Our Sending You Back To the Diet and Life Style Your Model Body Was Made For Will Save You Too.

It is necessary you understand this…..fully, it is actually quite simple and should make sense to you…..

Lets take smoking, most people now understand the implications of how this works, but the medical society said for 25 years, it is not true, nobody knows this for sure, that smoking long term kills you.

You likely know or realized your body has no adaptation to smoking and statistically that if you smoke for 25 to 35 years you are likely to die of complications of smoking.

Greatly increased heart attacks, lung cancer, emphysema and much greater odds of succumbing to other degenerative diseases.

Now you all so likely not that many people have quit in time have almost fully recovered from the damage the years of smoking did to their body.

Others did not quit in time and there was nothing medical society could do for them other than as usual. they treat their symptoms for as long as they lasted.

So we could say the smoker that continued to smoke no matter what likely shortened his life expectancy by 15 years.

Now if you are obese, or diabetic you are like the smoker with a bad cough. You have a warning, and you may be able to quit in time.

Or you may be talked in to that you can keep right doing what you have been doing and just take these pills and you will be fine.

Either way you are toast. Just a matter of how long.

For example if you are not obese or diabetic and you are running high blood pressure and are set up for a stroke or cardiovascular attack, cancer etc.

Then you may be in time to be able to switch to the native diet your ancestors were made for. Recognizing that you inherited their exact model body and your body was programmed only to handle what they were made for.

The fix is to STOP what your body can (over 50) no longer handle. It is that simple.

However, you are likely like the alcoholic, or many a smoker, you know this stuff is killing you but you just been doing it for so long it just is life and you cannot quit.

So my saying the solution is simple, just quit doing what is in the process of killing you…

Really is not simple, getting you to where you can quit is Indeed VERY DIFFICULT, even when you fully decide to do so.