Metformin=Increased Risk of Neuropathy


Metformin Kills Vitamin B Family Harms Foot Health.

Metformin Contributes to Neuropathy

Fight Back With B Vitamins Does NOT Work For Many.

Several announcements over the last two years of the taking of Metformin, actually bringing on and aggravating neuropathy by effecting B Vitamins. Solution was to take extra vitamins including Folate to compensate.

Latest warning and announcement is that some patients can NOT convert artificial vitamins to use to compensate for the loss caused by taking Metformin, (trade name, expensive version is Gougaphage) so for some supplementing vitamins B6 and B 12 may not help. Folic acid, suppressed (in addition to the whole range of B vitamins,) by Metformin, Folic acid is essential for producing nitrous oxide which is what opens up your pipes to increase circulation.

We have long said, that if you researched all the bad side effects of taking Metformin (considered the least harmful diabetic drug,) (was banned in U.S. For over a year, was cleared when found “no worse” then other medications,) *still banned in several countries, that you would NOT consider taking it.

Now ample evidence that it even causes the onset of neuropathy and many can not successfully compensate by taking extra vitamins.

The problem with B 12 apparently is that many people can not get adequate B12 from Oral medication, only from vitamin B-12 Shots. Thus if Metformin destroys it, you have problem getting an adequate amount back in practice.

Diabetics have a 65% greater chance of getting alzhiemers then general public. This common use of Metformin by diabetics, may be the reason, since studies show any shortage of B12 has a big effect on the prevention of Alzheimers. Supplementing with standard oral B12 vitamins other then shots does not seem to be able to make up for the Metformin caused shortage.

We suggest you learn to control your blood sugar without prescriptions. There is NO diabetic prescription that does NOT HAVE drastic side effects. Many of the side effects are not even detected until a lot of people have died. (or in this case developed non reversible painful neuropathy for life.) …….and you likely would not have associated it as the cause and go right on doing it.