Low Fat, Results In Obesity-Diabetes


Look At Statistics Since Low Fat Craze Instituted, Epidemic Increase, Obesity and Diabetes Have Exploded.

“Cut Out” Fat Myth, Creates
Health Disaster

Replacing Expensive Fat With Cheap Sugar Bonanza For Food Industry, Love Low Fat

Huge Health Mistake

All Based On False Premise: Fat Has Many More Calories Then Sugar, Stop High Fat Stops Weight Gain

Sounds Crazy But Exact Opposite Is Reality

Big Bucks In Selling Low Fat, For Price Of Full Fat.

Cheap Sugar Added To Spike Taste Back

=Obesity & Diabetes

Verify With Simple Check: Rapidly Fattening Friends Eat Nothing But Low Fat. Thin Friends Never Eat Low Fat.


Sugar Keys Fat Making Hormone, “Insulin”

Fat Never Turns On Fat Making, ONLY Sugar Does
  1. High Sugar Season turns On Insulin “Fat Making Hormone =Fatal Making
  2. High Sugar Input Season Turns Off All Fat Burning, Turns On ONLY Fat Making, Fat Storage
  3. Any Fat Calories Cut With Low Fat, Are Replaced With More Food, Primarily “Fat Making Sugar To Regain Taste. Fullness.”
  4. Fat Normally Eaten With High Carbohydrates. Slows Digestion & Prevents Insulin And Fat Making (and Diabetes)
  5. Running On High Fat & Low Sugar As Nature Intended = No Fat Making Insulin Released. All Such Society “THIN” Eskimo Example.
  6. Farmers Have Long Learned to Feed LOW FAT, High Starch High Sugar, To Fatten Animals Fast. Works Same On Humans
  7. Farmers Also Learned Slow Digesting High Fats, and/or Raw Food, Very Poor To Fatten Animals
  8. Pigs Quickly Fatten On High Sugar-Starch COOKED Potatoes, Hardly At ALL on Raw Potatoes. Man Also Generates Fat Making Insulin on Fast Digesting Cooked Starch and Sugars.
  9. Digestion Slowed By Fat or Uncooked Fiber Stops Insulin Production. (No Insulin no fat making)
  10. London Hospital Study 1890 Proved High Fat Low Carbohydrates worked, that Low Fat Carbohydrates Diet ONLY ADDED WEIGHT, Every Time, Not new,

Low Fat Myth has made lots of people lots of money, and essentially ruined the health and greatly shortened the life of 30% of the population.

Editors Note: 35 Billion Ancestors for 2 Million Years proceeding you Ate High Fat, Low sugar/ Overweight, and or Diabetes both almost unheard of.

Your body has NOT adopted to run on Low Fat or High Sugar.

If do not believe this step on the scales, & check your blood sugar.

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