How Light Bulb Messes With Survival

Every Day Studies Verify and Disclose The Light Bulb Was Great Invention But Affects Your Health

Man Went To Much Longer Days, Suddenly.


9 Hours of Sleep Became Seven

Thru Off Standard Body Regulation Of Blood Pressure, Heart Rate Etc By TIme of Day.

Nite Shift Workers Have More Health Problems For Example, Including More Heart Attacks.

Serious Matter Needs Compensation

Body Makes Melatonin To Shift Body and Supplement Helps.

Diabetic Retraining Automatic Survival System Needs Consistent Hours.

Erratic Changing Bedtime Rates Wreak Havoc With Auto Regulating System Being Established.

Number Of Hours of Light Affects What is Known As Circadian Rhythm. Ancestors Bodies Ran On Exact Time Frame, Controlled By Hours of Sun.

Changing sleep hours considerably from one night to the next (result of the light bulb) means irregularity creates a state of perpetual semi-jet-lag. Your bodies automatic rhythms which are our program to appropriately adjust our alertness, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc according to the time of day.

Now with the light bulb we almost totally ignore the time of the day.

First Became aware on the farm, as a kid when shortening of the days told the chickens to stop laying, it was the wrong season to be hatching baby’s.

Farmers overcame this shortening days message to the chickens regulating system by putting automatic on light bulbs to lenthen the Chickens day back to summer length and to start laying as usual.

So if hours of sunlight were running you. (they are) then the light bulb is fooling your survival system into something that isn’t.

Therefore it is to your advantage in getting everything stabilized and under control by your automatic survival system to do everythng by the clock, almost same time all the time.

Circadian Rhythms

Controlled in man regulated by brain cells located in the hypothalamus. Light receptors found in the retina of your eyes report the length of the day and night, Information goes to the pineal gland in the brain, which turns on secretion of the hormone melatonin during percieved nighttime, which melatonin urges you to sleep.

In other words, eat regular times, never after 8, try to go to bed and get up at the same time, approximately with no wild swings and take 300 mg of Melatonin when you go to bed. After 40 your body has almost quit making this hormone.

4 Hours later when you get up to pee take another one. (they are inexpensive)

When you get up in the morning, eat almost right away, etc. Be regular.

Let your survival system know there is a pattern and it is the same time and same thing everyday.

This is how your automatic blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, breathing rate, settles down and stops erratic swings trying to guess what it needs to do next to make you a “survivor” based on controlling your body using your ancestors programming. (which was based on almost consistent day by day, hours of day light programming.)

If you want it settled down go back to consistent. Editors note: Here is another possible effect. The high sugar season is spring summer (also low fat season in spring all animals eaten have lost all fat over winter) Hours of day light tell you this is high sugar season, your body switches to eat long hours, hungry for sugar etc over the long days to put on fat for the winter.

Bears for example in summer eat as much as 20 hours a day, ravishing hunger for anything sweet like berrys turned on by long day light hours in order to drive them to make enough fat from high sugar to get thru the winter.

Here man is running summer season hours all year around (with the light bulb and high sugar input) driving his automatic system to eat in what appears to be perpetual high sugar season to put on fat to get thru the short day light hours winter season ahead which never comes. (light bulb, high sugar and artificially enforced low fat.)_ He keeps getting fatter and fatter and can not figure it out……

Here he is telling his automatic system it is high sugar season, low fat spring, and light hours are long, so now your automatic system makes you ravishly hungry for sweet, and burns no fat, it is saving it for winter ahead, which never comes because you keep feeding your automatic system the wrong input.

My thought here was if you understand it, the fix is obvious. Stop telling your automatic system it is time of year (year around) to make you fat.

Your body is signaled “long hours of light” days, animals eaten are “no fat” (spring.) Input starts to be high sugar, berries etc appearing so it switches to running on sugar and goes into store fat mode, (burns NO fat)

This goes on until shorter days detected, High fat, animals eaten from summer, and frost means sudden end of sugar input, almost no sugar input.

Therefore, your body was signaled to switch back to “Fat Burning”as method of operation.

  1. No more fat making sugar input.
  2. Shorter days,
  3. No sugar input,
  4. High Fat Animals eaten again from gaining fat over high sugar season..

These are signals to your bodies automatic control system.

Therefore, lengthening your day with artificial light and staying up half the night, is one of factors in confusing your bodies automatic control system developed over 2 million years with no light bulb.

Go to bed earlier, Get up earlier. Help compensate for the bulb. No sugar input, Resume High Fat input.

Your automatic body control system will automatically, as a “running on fat person” as designed for, and to be, bring you back to normal “set weight”.