Undo, the 50% Cut In Your Diabetic “Life Expectancy”

 This Is The “Cure” Goal That Counts

Almost every expert and every book on diabetes agree your life expectancy is cut in half by your having diabetes.

Not one that I have encountered even address changing this figure directly. Yet this is the one that counts.

Getting your diabetes under control is a good idea, but it apparently does little to change your life expectancy odds. Your diabetes disease has associated “killer” degenerative diseases that diabetes is merely a warning that you are fertile ground for what is in progress.

Initially, I was alarmed about my diabetes killing me.

After researching this for a year plus reading over 80 related books it finally dawned on me that diabetes is an accelerator of my demise but is NOT what is likely in itself going to do me in.

Then I started looking at the statistics of what it is that kills diabetics and odds are what is probably gong to kill you and me unless we take some drastic action.

It is the do it to yourself degenerative diseases that I am now writing about extensively and suggest you get up to speed on.

Diabetes is just one of these and fortunately you became aware of it, hopefully early in the start stage before you had developed any “complications”.

At the same time you have been accumulating insulin resistance that is the build up that eventually gets so high your pancreas can no longer overcome it, and you have diabetes, you have been accumulating action by the “killers”.

An example of this, to use the old term everyone understands, “hardening of the arteries”. This has been progressing even though you “may have your diabetes under control”.

Now having your diabetes under control may stop diabetes from contributing to accelerating “hardening” of the arteries, (again just an example to clarify what is happening). It does not necessarily stop your current body system from the other degenerative diseases progressing.

Since I have figured out quite clearly in my head at least that it is these other things that are speeding my demise, what I need to be doing is “controlling” not just diabetes but fixing what was fertile ground for all degenerative self killer diseases progressing.

Man used to die primarily from “something” he caught or happened to him on the OUTSIDE.

Diabetes did not or does not seem to accelerate or advance the chances of that happening appreciably.

Modern man kills himself, that’s right does it to himself inadvertently most often from the INSIDE.

Your diagnosis of diabetes in your system, as a diagnosis that you have an active “self killer” system (not necessarily diabetes as the killer) in progress.

You and I have been busting our buns trying to “fix” or “cure” our diabetes.

Diabetes is just a symptom of “self destruction” that you and I have going on.

Fixing the diabetes is NOT going to save us and help us get back our full NORMAL life expectancy.

I need to change the newspaper name and emphasis from Diabetes Cure 101 to Self Destruction Cure 101.

That better fits what we have become so if you are reading along here and hearing writing about all these other killer diseases keep in mind we set out to keep you and me alive full term. We both thought we had to cure our diabetes to do that.

Turns out diabetes itself was likely not what was gong to kill us, it was and is just a “speeder upper” (accelerator).

Sure we need to get our diabetes under control immediately. That’s part of stopping the acceleration to oblivion if nothing else.

Getting our diabetes under control will certainly slow down our sudden high speed of self destruction, but does not stop it.

If we can cure or stop our body from doing one or several of these several “self destructive” diseases, we can likely “outlive” our friends and relatives that never got diabetes and therefore did not have this warning and did nothing about the fertile ground they have become for self destructive diseases that are killing most people today.

I have run these figures before, but am going to rerun (repeat) (refresh) them here, so you better understand what I am talking about above and put it in perspective. ….and perhaps be motivated to get educated on this right away and take some action to “fix” and turn around your bodies trip to self destruction.
The following is from our article:

What Is Causing The Major Decline In U.S. Health?

In the last 100 years the U.S. cancer deaths have gone from 3 percent of all deaths to over 20 percent of all deaths.
Diabetes went from one-tenth of one percent of the U.S. population to now over 20 percent.
Heart disease went from being almost non-existent at the turn of this century to killing more than 750,000 people a year.

Most shocking is that the U.S. has now slipped to 17th in industrial nations IN life expectancy. At the present rate of increase of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and these other “modern man” disease that are already double in the United States, the rate of decline in life expectancy odds in United States, projections suggest that those of us over 50 could be the first generation since the turn of the 20th century to have a shorter life span than our parents,”

Our country is very similar to England, and just released figures show we have nearly twice the death rate here for cancer and diabetes and most other diseases as England while spending twice as much on medical care.

These figures all are from “self destruct” diseases.

As you can see Diabetes is just one of the “Symptoms” of what is happening. That fixing diabetes does not fix your life expectancy problem. It is just a warning that you were lucky enough to catch that you have a “self destruct” series of things in development that will do you in and cut your life expectancy in half.

It was not the diabetes that cut your life expectancy in half…it was just being aware that you have diabetes makes you aware you have “self destruct” processes underway.

Now, you have not only diabetes to get under control, now you have to most importantly get the over all self destruct system under control.

Fortunately, what you do to fix one helps fix the other so it is an overlapping fix.

Therefore you are going to see a lot of articles on “inflammation” which is the chief turn on of the “self destruct” degenerative diseases and of what it takes to stop inflammation.

You are also going to see a lot of articles on the “self destruct” or degenerative diseases in what is supposed to be a diabetes paper.

We could do another paper and call it Self Destruct Cure 101 but nobody would pay attention or read it. You have diabetes and have a wake up call, so you are paying attention, (we hope) and realize you need to take some prompt action to save yourself.

Only the people who have this “diabetes” wake up call will take action. Even many of them will not.

Now, I am sure a lot of readers are going to ignore this or decide to get into this some more as soon as they have time.

What they do not realize, is time is your worse enemy, every delay compounds the problem. When you have diabetes you have already advanced to the middle of the soup.


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