NY Times: Jane Brody On Buteyko

Major media giant columnist acknowledges non drug fix for Asthma

Jane Brody

Asthma, Fix Getting Out of the Closet

Latest Article: Asthmatic Drug Dangers

Sites “Downer” Sample of friend on long term diabetes drugs.

Safe Alternative Rescue From Long Term Drug Damage

Almost No publicity in U.S. for 25 years

Method adopted in Russia-Australia

Two articles In U.S, NY Times,

Two articles In U.S, NY Times,

Big Time U.S.

Other media may have the courage to pick up on this after NY Times start. Look For TV coverage somewhere in U.S. in next six months, this Times coverage being read by producers looking for good story.

2 NY Times “Buteyko” Articles

20 Years Late, But Good Coverage

In early November the NY Times health columnist Jane Brody wrote an article – about the Buteyko Breathing Method as a method of controlling and doing away with the rigors off living with asthma.

A Breathing Technique Offers Help for People With Asthma was the name of the article and you can read it here:

A second on this Breathing Method being a safer natural alternative to the dangerous long term corticosteroid medication use.

Steroids’ Miracle Comes With a Caveat

She Says:

  • It has the potential to improve the health and quality of life of many people with asthma, while saving health care dollars.
  • I’ve seen it work miraculously well for a friend who had little choice but to stop using the steroid medications that were keeping him alive.

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