Diabetic Body: Human Fungus Garden

Know the Cause of Fungus

Makes Bacteria Look Like Pikers.

Medical Schools Ignore Fungi Training

Your Conventional Doctor Will Likely Refuse to Even Test For This Major Factor

Becomes a Killer
High Sugar Allows Internal Fungus To Over Grow

Gets Completely Out of Control, Causing Severe Inflammation

Body Mounts Huge Silent Attack

Heart Attacks, Strokes, Cancer, All Degenerative Diseases

Killer Side Effects

This is the contributing diabetes attached, killer no one tells you about. This diabetes high sugar, growth is silent and will set off what will kill you, (not your diabetes)

Ridding Fungus, From Diabetic Body

If You Think It Is NOT A Serious Matter Look At Toe Nail Fungus Happening Inside Your Body

This Is The Missing Link

We have been looking for, primarily what is causing this inflammation that is going on in bodies, supposedly causing heart attacks, cancer, strokes, etc.

Why or what is your bodies immune system attacking, nobody seems to know or try to figure out.

They just say you must take or do something to control inflammation. Nobody seems the least interested in WHY you have inflammation or curing or stopping it.

Then you have all sorts of things pop up that you think must be just part of “getting old”, which is not the case, you have something causing this and the question is what it is…..

They say, like diabetes…..nobody KNOWS what causes it, you just need to take something to slow it down……

Now we take up Yeast, fungi or more precisely, Candida, the most common kind. (over 200,000 varieties). It grows in the human body and can under right conditions make an over growth in any part or organ of your body except your teeth.


You think bacteria and viruses are the big villains….not true, they kill only a tiny percentage, nowadays.

The big root cause….Today Fungi.


The big killers are fungi inflammation generated result leading to degenerative diseases, like heart attacks, strokes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc., that were almost unheard of at the turn of the century.

They say they are connected with inflammation….

What is inflammation? It is your immune system attacking and trying to rid something from your body…… often silent totally unknown to you or anyone.

Four years now I have been diligently reading thousands of pages, researching (after I found out it wasn’t diabetes that was going to kill me and I had that zapped).

What was the cause of inflammation leading to what was statistically going to kill me? (84 % odds)

What had gotten in to my blood stream and that my body decided had to be attacked and eliminated to make me a survivor?

Why was this inflammation silent internal battle likely going on?

This it turns out, probably what has silently happened to you and me is something in everybody’s body, just like bacteria, already naturally there.

Fungus is in normal control in something like ONLY 20% of the population (*depending on who you quote) and 80% have it in an overgrowth stage (danger) in some part of their body.

Whatever you label it, it is everywhere. You have fungus on your skin as well as bacteria right now, but they are not, and have not been a problem.


Actually bacteria keep fungus in control in your digestive system. It is you messing with your naturally provided fungus control system, that is the reason, fungus in the WESTERN SOCIETY, get out of control.

You say,never heard of such a thing…..

Well, over 20% of diabetics can look at their toes right now and see fungus out of control.

Do not take my word for this.

Ring Worm, Thrush, Vaginal Over Growths, Toenails, skin rash, jock itch, etc., this is not new……

Most have seen physical fungus, those that have toe nail fungus know it is almost impossible to get rid of.

The big one, internal digestive over growth expands into the blood stream eventually and then the big trouble looms.

You won’t know what caused your killer disease. You will never suspect the root because that was going to be your killer was lowly “fungus.”

Diabetics, Body High Sugar Content, Is A Garden Of Eden For Fungus Overgrowths

Fungus THRIVES on sugar. A diabetic body (usual high sugar content maintained) person’s body is a sugar paradise, a fungus growth, garden of Eden.

Some diabetics, have a fungus in their crotch, some may have it in their arm pits, some in their vagina, some under their breasts, some on patches of irritated skin or scalp or most anywhere, some in their sinus, some in their lungs, ears, just about anywhere including their blood stream and getting into their joints causing arthritis, etc.

Causing cardiovascular problems, and on and on. Only their teeth are immune.

You have all these afflictions that unbeknown to you may very well be fungus related to your high sugar in your fungus garden.

Perhaps 90% of diabetics have it and have no clue what is causing all these problems. They say I have diabetes and all these much greater chances of dying they say…

That should be corrected, too. I have high body sugar content, and Diabetes and an additional result, with a body overgrown with yeast. or more logical, body mildew. I am being poisoned by vast quantities of fungus sugar garden poop.

You are worried about blood sugar damage….well, here is the real dangerous villain….your high uncontrolled sugar feeding a garden of fungus.

Let’s give you an example of how it may have gotten out of control. Maybe years ago you were on anti-biotic, Killed one hundred percent of your body bacteria which usually consists of MORE bacteria cells then you have body cells.

Much of these “friendly” bacteria in your digestive system are naturally crucial to developing internal made vitamins such as vitamin K.

These bacteria normally kept your fungus population in control. With bacteria killed off your internal garden of growing fungus goes wild in growing an exploded over growth.

The fungus attaches to your intestinal system and can cause it to leak food and foreign substances INCLUDING fungus INTO your blood stream.

Casein (milk and flour can also cause leaking gut). Once into your blood stream it can now enter your liver, because liver failure, every body organ is now subject to overgrowth.

It is this leak that whatever has gotten in to your blood stream is what you survival system is attacking. (Fighting a silent battle to make you a survivor).

Your doctor will say, let’s find a medicine to stop or slow it down from attacking what ever has invaded your blood stream and LOWER your inflammation. Let’s keep your survival system from overcoming the killers.

Joints, for example, once invaded, your blood does not get into joints and even if a fungus killer is developed and flows in your blood stream the entrenched in your joint fungus will be almost totally immune from removal.

Even if you’re not diabetic, odds are more then two to one, somewhere in your body a fungus has overgrown some body part…

You can regain control and then relapse and take up sugar for even just one day and lose it all, fungus re explode and to regain control you have to start over.

You are totally cutting out sugar here in this fight and starving fungus and the diminished starving fungus activity should show noticeable health improvements.

Even with severe and successful anti fungal blood aids, at work it will likely take six months to regain control.

Read up on our Anti Fungal diet and what to take to kill it off as soon as possible. This is a slow regain control fight.

No medication will kill it off by itself. Besides it is never gone, it is forever arriving, but has to be controlled with the right conditions.

Most chemical medications have serious side effects. Many so called cures are merely collections of probiotics (friendly bacteria) that are the right ones to regain control.

On the diet we supply are pro-diabetics from yogurt and kefir.

Outside of fungi taking over your toe nails, (20% plus of diabetics know about this one) you usually have no clue that you have anything to do with yeast overgrowing anything. (You won’t believe this article applies to you…)

If you are having Allergies and allergy symptoms, or you have become sensitive to unusual chemical sensitivities, actually a lot of symptoms, but you do not know to tie them to fungus overgrowth.

You develop things with no explanation for it happening in yourself or your children such as “Anxiety, Hyperactivity, and Attention Deficit Disorder.” (heard of those) Why did they show up?

Worst of all you do not likely even know about……silent inflammation. It is this that shows up usually in an AB Reactive test, which everyone seems to be taking this day to check on the likely hood of their getting a heart attack. This is the current predictor test of heart problems.

In other words your body has a huge war going (inflammation) to remove something your survival system has determined does not belong in your body and is a danger to your overall survival and must be overcome and removed.

You have seen inflammation visible version when you have a skin injury and your survival system sends immune cells to attack germs, etc., and it becomes all red and inflamed.

Here we are talking about internal “silent” not visible or aware inflammation. (body mounted attack)

The body defense against bacteria and virus has NO effect on fungus. Anti-Biotic won’t touch it either.

In the matter of overgrowth of fungi, unlike bacteria, your body has no really effective removal or overcoming system, since it rarely occurred in nature.

Rare, with out modern man interference with normal control systems, such as friendly bacteria.

Food enzymes, normally destroy fungus, but you have killed them all off by cooking.

Biggest Over Growth Fungus Starters……….

Mainly things such as anti-biotic, steroids, birth control pills, etc., overcoming normal digestive system supportive friendly bacteria etc. that normally automatically kept your yeast in control.

Anti-biotic, for example, will kill off ALL bacteria in your digestion system, leaving your resident yeast to take over and overgrow your digestive system.

Here are some manifestations that may appear when this happens and it may have been going on for years.

You may have Chronic inflammation and irritation of the eye.

You may have consistent Diarrhea, chronic gas, and abdominal cramps alleviated by bowel movements. You may develop what is known as an Irritable Bowel Syndrome. You may seem overly tired much of the time. You may constant diarrhea or constipation.

Understand, you can have a serious debilitating overgrowth of fungi anywhere in your body with the exception of your teeth.

You may have an ear fungi overgrowth. You are over 20% likely to have toenail fungi overgrowth if a Diabetic, and we mention it over and over, because to many this may be the only evidence of this even existing and get you to deal with the serious reality here.

The Frequent urination, diabetics often experience, may not be due to your diabetes, entirely it may be a fungi overgrowth.

Frequent yeast infections in women happening over and over.

You may develop some sort of Hives. An increased Lactose intolerance. Muscle weakness and some of your bones may ache with no explanation. Dermatitis, Rectal itching. Sinus problems can be a fungi infection.

How do you know for sure you have it or get a diagnosis of Candidacies?

It is perfectly normal for Candida to be a regular and normal resident of the digestive tract.

What is difficult to determine for sure, has it taken control of something and is there an overgrowth (which means it has taken control).

The medical tests are hard to get a conventional doctor to schedule, since they tend to ignore fungi. They were trained in Bacteria and virus being the villains.

There is no medical school training on fungus control. There is no medical specialist in fungal control. You will have a problem getting most conventional doctors to admit it even exists or if of any concern..

We have a simple test that many use to diagnose the presence or degree of out of control, your personal fungi residents, may be. go here..

If the first visual ten minute test is indicative of the presence of an overgrowth, then there is a written test you can take that more or less helps to confirm it.

Go here for our Candida written test…..

The simple way to start is to go on the diet to suppress it, and if your symptoms that you suspect may be caused by it get much better in two or three weeks, then it is apparent you have had an overgrowth of yeast, (Candida). This is the only really accurate test. Control and see what happens to your health.

You can check your stool for the presence of Candida, look for a stringy mucous around some of it. If it is on all of it, you have extensive fungus over growth in you digestive system. None of it, you may have it but perhaps not in control in your digestive system right now but still may be left over in your blood stream.

There is a Blood test that measures the concentration (titer) of Candida and is reported to cost around $250 and requires in addition the costs of two visits to the doctor.

Even these are reported to not be 100% accurate, but this tests for whether you have overgrowth has gotten into your blood. (serious precursor to arthritis, etc.) is available if you insist.


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