How Diabetes Adds & Catches Up

You Did Not Catch Diabetes, It Caught Up With You

Even With 50 Contributors, No Diabetes If Avoid Sugar Peaks

Odds “Contributors” Also Add To “Control” Management Problem.

If you are black or Hispanic they say your odds of developing diabetes are about double those of your white counter parts.

This may be simply because of your darker skin, you are twice as likely to be severely Vitamin D deficient. This vitamin D is actually a key body regulating hormone, (misnamed) and being deficient is a severe problem. Turns out over 85% of people that develop diabetes are severely deficient in vitamin D.

Vitamin D is made under your skin after exposure to sunshine, very small amount comes from diet. It is made over a three day period by cholesterol under your skin (and if you are taking “lowering you cholesterol drugs” pills, that’s not helping)

If you wash the oils off your skin with soap your negate the vitamin D making. You can wash, avoid soap for three days.

Best time is noon for max sun exposure with as much skin exposed as possible, and remember, thru glass kills it.

Next take cod liver oil daily particularly over the winter season. Okay so it tastes bad, get mint flavor, it helps.

Any other supplements for Vitamin D, ask for D3. Thats far more absorbed.

Now if you are dark skinned (requires twice the exposure) and in a northern climate in the winter you have an almost automatic problem even working at it.

Next, if you are over 40 you are losing muscle mass, at 1% a year. This is where your body control system has been emergency disposing of high sugar peaks, (to keep you from drowning in it, for 40 years.)

By age 50% the ten per cent loss is becoming significant. Likely the loss has meant some of the excess sugar level has had to convert some of the muscle cells to fat cells to dispose of the now no where else to go sugar peaks.

This means even less muscle cells to dispose of high sugar so you are losing your “muscle mass” sugar dump faster and faster. By 50 odds are you are at “diabetes” surplus sugar hung up in your blood stream with no where to go.

But you just may not know it yet.

See our two pages of two graphics illustrating how this escalation speeds you to diabetes.

The only way to get muscle mass back and improve your “sugar dump” safety area, is to do what is called “strength training”.

This is recommended for every diabetic. Explanation is that strength training, (you can learn to do this at home) is confused with but is entirely different then exercise.

Exercise is just using and helping to keep alive your present muscle mass.

Strength training is a system, where you use weights or other techniques to exceed your present muscles ability for a short time.

Then after a rest of a day or two, your body automatically builds extra new muscle to compensate, muscle you did not have before.

This new muscle developed, has not had a built up resistance to storing sugar when pushed to do so by high insulin levels and will greatly increase your bodies ability to handle substantially more excess sugar peak storage.

This is the only thing we whole heatedly recommend and guarantee will go along way to help you restore your normal ability to handle all food.

When that no longer adequate or fast enough and your muscle mass wont take it you are spilling sugar into your operating blood system. Called “Diabetes”.

Regarding Obesity, this means you have been running high sugar levels that have forced your automatic “keep you from drowning in high blood sugar” system to turn some of it into fat cells in self defense..

This means you have lost muscle cells converted to fat cells that can no longer handle the sugar peak absorbing job. Therefore the word obese means you have lost a huge amount of sugar peak absorbing capacity.

If you have high triglyserides, this means you have high sugar levels that are being converted to fat, (to keep the damaging sticky blood sugar from harming your organs) and those fat globuals are still circulating in your blood stream not yet converting muscle cells.

Same solution…..cut out sugar and starch,,,,and high sugar peaks. Your triglycerides go down.

The fact that they are high means you are well on your way to being diabetic, if not one already.

Note: Diagrams are not scientifically accurate, but are approximations with editorial liberties taken to illustrate with visual comparisons.