Two Health Considerations, Sun and Gut Bacteria

85% Diabetics Found Short Of “D”

Inexpensive Move, Get Out in The Sun Daily Absolutely
Pay Attention

Two things are becoming very apparent from reading studies, articles, releases and books for years now, all on survivng Diabetes an extra 15 to 20 years.

Most diabetic people are missing a couple of very important items.

One of course is that ample Vitamin D is crucial to Diabetics and surviving the associated degenerative diseases that do in diabetics early.

Turns out that people with adequate Vitamin D in their system wind up with less than half the killer diseases that those with inadequate who are showing up early with multiple health problems.

Now showing up in cancer, and in almost every early killer as a very significant number.

Keep writing about it but cannot get across just to you very well just how important this is. Vitamin D turns out to not be a vitamin at all, misnamed and turns out to be a chief key system regulator.

Now, look at diabetes, people with dark skin make only half or less as much vitamin D in the same time or amount of sun exposure or less.

Blacks and dark skinned folks are showing up with twice the percentage of diabetes as light skinned people. Basic difference making less vitamin D. Now we read figures that say that about 85% of diabetics are vitamin D deficient. Are you short of vitamin D because you are diabetic or are you more likely diabetic because of short of Vitamin D, Betting on the latter.

All these other killer diseases such as strokes, etc with much higher death rate with low vitamin D. It just becomes obvious as all hell, reading these daily for years, that if you want to be a survivor you best start doing what your ancestors did, live some in the sunlight.

Taking vitamin D3 tablets better than nothing but a poor substitute.

Cod liver oil a good start if no sun.
Sun tan parlors better then tablets.

Now if you do what most do, go out in the sun and get all sweaty and then wash off the skin oils with soap and water, you wind up with your body making ZERO vitamin D.

Wash with water after sun exposure, do not use soap for 24 hours because that will remove the skin oils.

Vitamin D is made on surface skin oils. Cholesterol involved, and it takes 24 hours.

So if someone convinced you that you needed to lower your cholesterol and force your body to make less cholesterol by taking statins, then you have added to the problem.

Your body decides how much cholesterol and it makes the exact amount it needs.

You are making your crucial Vitamin D levels worse. Cholesterol is also used as brain food so lowering it is counterproductive there too. You are handicapping yourself there too.

Your body inherited 2 million years of survival smarts. It knows how to make you a survivor, Bet on it. Do not think you or some guy taking your money is smarter in knowing how to make you a survivor than your survival system.

Trust the system you inherited. Those that do are eventually all called “old people”.

Intestinal Gut Bacteria Probiotics, gut biotics or bacteria in your gut, play a tremendous role in your overall health almost entirely unknown to the average American. They have no idea it exists, what it does, or how it works or what you do to help it not harm it. Problems here are problems because you did not cooperate and assist, you worked against it likely because what you been told for a lifetime.

You have been schooled in the anti bacteria, evil bacteria panics, that bacteria are deadly and if you don’t watch carefully they will kill you.

That anything that kills bacteria is a God Send.

True, with epidemics in the past bacteria killed a lot of people, but today, it is a relatively small amount because we are aware of bacteria.

The hyper anti bacteria era, has people still over reacting today causing actions that result in non cooperation with your survival systems best interests.

Inside your normal gut is more bacteria cells than the number of cells in your body.

There are beneficial bacteria and non beneficial bacteria growing in your intestinal system all the time. In addition of special interest to diabetics is yeast or fungal growths that love sugar environments. Friendly bacteria normally keeps these fungal levels in check.

However if you artificially restrict friendly bacteria then you make it possible for fungal or yeast growths to grow unrestricted by the missing friendly bacteria.

For example, if you take an anti biotic.
(we suggest diabetics take anti biotics only in life threatening situations.)

Did you know anti biotics are made from yeast output, that it makes naturally to kill off its enemy, bacteria. This fungus growth yeast makes this anti biotic to kill off the old enemy namely bacteria) so when buy and pay for and you take anti biotics, then you will likely (unless take steps)_ kill off all types of friendly bacteria in your gut that normally keeps fungal or yeast growths in check.

Soon, you have a digestive system entirely taken over by yeast, and you have no idea how or why this has happened until you get strange symptoms you think is part of your diabetes. Unless you work at it, could take you months or years to get your normal gut bacteria back and be rid of digestive and worse, yeast (fungal digestive etc. diabetic body take over attacks.)

So be sure to attempt to avoid anti biotics unless you are in real need and it is crucial.
Just understand the caution.

Remember, most of your problems your body is having are because you as the host in-charge are unknowingly often doing the wrong thing because you are not aware.

Now you are aware of this one. That diabetics high blood sugar levels are a garden for yeast take over and you must be especially aware of and alert to fungal growths and go out of your way to help prevent them by not taking steps that help bring them on.

This can take you weeks to fix to get your digestive system back to normal. One of the ways to tell if your digestive system has been taken over by a fungal or yeast growth is a mucus layer or coating or streaks on your stool deposits.

Therefore we tell diabetics refrain from taking anti biotics unless you have some life of death issues riding on it because you are going to be a long time recovering from this if it gets a hold.

While taking anti biotics, when deemed very necessary, eat a lot of yogurt, take probiotics from your health food store (encapsulated friendly bacteria) and eat any fermented foods you can find. Try to keep some bacteria alive in your gut to control fungal growths from taking over.

Same thing after anti biotics, continue extra effort to regain your old balance.

Every indigenous society ate a fermented food daily. This apparently was important key to their health was this every day entering friendly bacteria to help out do any wrong kind that wandered in.

We are today, dead set on killing bacteria every which way ,including with city chlorinated water, that winds up in our gut unknown to us busy killing many of our friendly bacteria.

We counter this with simple free of cost move, which is let your city water set in metal or glass pitchers for 24 hours before drinking to allow the chlorine to evaporate.

Good idea while doing this is add a half lemon once a day to all your pitchers except the one for green tea. Just squeeze the lemon and distribute among today’s or tomorrows drinking water.

This is real helpful and will get into why do this later. Newest trick is add a quarter teaspoon of baking soda to each pitcher and we will get into that later, but this is something from way back that costs almost nothing and very beneficial.

Been going to explain this one for several issues. This is one of the reasons I have had but one short cold or came down with anything else or missed a day of work in well over seven years. Takes some explaining.

Anyway tending the bacteria in your gut is like tending a garden, you try to keep everything favorable for the best crop.

The bacteria system in your gut is a very big part of your immune system success or failure.

The bacteria in your gut are one of the key sources of vitamin K and actually has, they have decided now, a lot to do with your weight. That almost all extremely heavy people have the wrong type of bacteria in control in their gut.

Some other ailments now have progressed to the point that the realize the type of bacteria are so hard to change in people with problems generated by that, they are actually now doing fecal transplants from people with correct bacteria digestive systems to get the correct established.

Not going into that here but indicates how aware they are becoming of many ailments you cannot really fix unless you fix a mixed up wrong type of gut bacteria in control.

Most common help is eating lots of live yogurt, full fat no additives. Second choice live real sauerkraut or even run down a bottle of cucumber pickles,

Then of course the good all around diet and add taking good probioitics whenever you think warranted.

If concerned about yeast taken control of your digestive system…. look up our simple saliva in a glass of water stringy test.

Hard to get rid of. If you have fungal toe nails you already know that. New study out says there is some basis for why Vics Vapo Rub works after six months or more application on fungal toe nails.

There is no connection between toenail fungal growth and or digestive or anywhere else. The only part of your body not susceptible to fungal growth is your teeth. Diabetics because of high blood sugar have twice the toenail fungal growths than the general public and we mentioned it here because more have it than anywhere else on the body and if you have toe nail fungus, I do not have to tell you that all fungal overgrowths are very difficult to be rid of.

If you have it one place you are just likely to get it other places. Caution: Do not take internal pills for toe nail fungus. All such medications are very harmful to your liver and a diabetic does not need additional liver risk.