Stop Dog: Licking-Self-Chewing Sores

purchase two (or more) smallest baby socks Available cut of toes of both, Cut on slightly smaller part of curve for tighter fit.

Easy “Stop Dog” Leg Chewing, Biting Licking, Himself Is Simple and Inexpensive, Works

Only $1. Fix That Works, Does Not Upset Dog

Demonstration of rolling down top sock over upper part of lower sock. (fake leg for demo purpose)


Tried Everything, Dog Would Get Around It.

Simple Modification Of Frustrating Failure.

3 Minute Modification and Dog Gave Up On It After Two Days.

Works on All Size Dogs With Right Modificaton.

Under Two Bucks

Taping Baby Socks Lasts Only 15 Minutes, Even With Lamp Shade, Where as No Tape Two Babys Socks Middle Overlapped Baffles Them. They Quit.

Dog Chewing Himself: Difficult to Stop

Lamp Shaded Dog Destroys the Place Knocking Over Everything

This seems to be a great mystery as to why a perfectly normal happy enthusiastic dog suddenly starts licking and chewing a hole in himself. and……no matter what you do he wont quit keeping the wound open and constantly making it bigger and worse.

First go around, we took him to the vet who gave him some medication and eventually he quit chewing his right leg and it healed up. Hooray.

Now months later he started all over again. We are not going to pay big vet and prescription bills everytime this dog decides to start this up again.

At the pet store we bought $20 worth of special stretch bandage which is supposed to be the way to go. Chewed that all up in a couple days and the sore got worse.

So we got some more and $18 worth of bitter apple spray stuff to spray on the area, bandages, dog, what ever, put together by someone who supposedly had the answer packaged in a bottle here.

Dog absoulutely hated the spray and went over and sulked in the corner for big periods of time every time you put it on.

Chewed every thing off same rate, merely delayed two hours before taking up the project.

Tried baby sock over it and narrow band of duct tape around top and bottom, or adhesive medical tape, 15 minutes, would be off in two inch lengths.

Read up on everything I could find on the net and most agreed, that when nothing else worked, (I even tried Ceyenne Pepper) you got the lampshade type collar fastened around their neck.

They knock everything over in the house and bang into everything with it sweeping a broad path. Worse thing is now he can not go thru the doggie door but that does NOT stop the trying.

You have to close the doggy door down and let them out several times a day etc.

This went on for over a month, the leg healed up, we took it off. Watched him for some time, but one hour of no watching and we had new leg wound restarted all over.

We put the lamp shade back on. This time he learned how to stretch the leg out enough apparently could still get at it enough to keep it sore, with the lamp shade on.

Decided to put a sock on with tape and see if he could get that off with the shade on….

He did. Took very little time. Lamp shade or not.. Gave up on tape….tape chewing expert, so did two baby soxs from two directions.

He now slides em up and down some but never got at the sore. I Just pull em back up a time or two every day and it worked so good, decided, we dont need the damn plastic lamp shade thingee that both the dog and I hate, we wont need that at all anymore.

What a relief.

Thought, I sure wish I had known this little trick months ago….so thought it might help you.

Now the details…. I would buy a couple pair of smallest cotton baby sox they make.

The bottom round part cut off with a scissors at a point narrower then the sock so it puts a little tightenes on that end,

Marked with pen on the photo to give you the point so the end cut is not overly loose.

One of the pictures you will see that you roll the sock up and no matter which way you put it on you can roll it and reverse and unroll it the other direction.

It Is much easier to slip over like a rolled sock ring on the leg, go to position wanted and unroll.

Put one roll high up on the leg. Unroll the second one bottom up, tight ribbed end on bottom.. you can wind up just a pinch above the foot if that is where need to be and go all way full length up. Overlap with other one roll down over outside of it with loose part covering each other and ribbed ends on the leg both ends, one ribbed end up and other end down.

Moves em around once in awhile but never had gotten to lick the sore due to loose overlap.

Do not use any rubber bands or anything that impedes circulation whatsoever. Not necessary. Pull Socks back out and stretch back out a time or two every day.

We Change for A new dry pair, that are unlicked every other day.

Throw the dirty ones in with the wash.
The key here remember is the overlap. The sore in the middle of the overlap. You may need some medication etc which is easy to do with bandage etc under the socks. We never did medicate it. Heals up fine. Inspect.

We will likely do this for a month or two…. and then give him a shot at not chewing the sore without the socks. Maybe circumstances will change and we will no longer need to chew that foot.

Meantime, he’s a lot happier than with the lamp shade, and we are too.

Please let me know how it works for you.