Diabetics Self Help Food Pyramid

Diabetics Version Of The Ancestors Pyramid Menu

This pyramid is actually your ancestors menu slightly modified for your diabetes.

If you had been eating what your ancestors ate and your model body was designed for you would not be diabetic.

Your bodies entire protection system to dispose of sudden rises in blood sugar due to the modern refined diet, has quit.

As a diabetic you have lost all body protection to keep your body from literally drowning in excess blood sugar.

Therefore, if you use your head, you KNOW you can not handle high sugar again and the trick is eat ONLY food that does not and will restrain any spurious sugar spikes.

This Diabetic food program pyramid is laid out and shown Plainly what works and with some definite Avoids.

See our additional graphics on eating as a diabetic and controlling your diabetes simply by not eating anything that causes your blood sugar to rise unnecessarily.

This menu is one that will improve your overall health, diabetic or not.

This Diet is simple and works for handling your diabetes and improving your overall health…

Note: Diagrams are not scientifically accurate, but are approximations with editorial liberties taken to illustrate with visual comparisons.

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