Diabetes Diet You Were Born To Eat

What Your Model Body Was Designed to Eat, Your Ancestors Diet.

Up To 80% of What U.S. People Eating In U.S. You Were Not Programmed For.

Switch Only to Input Your Body Designed for: Ends All the Adverse Health Reactions,

Gain Energy, Get Lean and Feel Fabulous With The Diet You Were Born To Eat.

Over 50 books out and hundreds of thousands that do not have diabetes have switched to what is referred to as the Caveman Diet, or Paleolithic Diet.

We go a little further and refer to it as your Ancestors diet. You tailor your menu to what your specific ancestors ate.

If your ancestors came from Samoa, they ate a different menu then if your ancestors came from Finland. So you look at what your ancestors likely ate 1,000 years ago and that menu specifically fits you better.

Now the idea for most of these book buyers and readers is that they are switching to this diet to lose weight. Most of them stay on it because their overall health improves considerably, which is why these books are selling well. Latest one out is “Paleoista” which I have not read.

Here is what the author says it is about. She says it is about the way that we as humans are supposed to be eating.

“It is fresh vegetables, fruits, wild fish, free range poultry, grass fed meats and healthy sources of fat. Everything is fresh, nothing is processed.”

Asked what’s excluded, and the author says…

No Grains, No dairy, no legumes, no refined sugar.

Well, that sounds almost exactly what we tell you that you need to switch to get your high blood sugar to be a thing of the past.

We have one exception, that she doesn’t include because she is not writing for diabetics specifically like you and me.

We say no fruit, for diabetics, except half a pink grapefruit and all the Avocados you can eat. Reason is you cannot handle the five times the sugar (fructose) that super market fruit has been bred up to. Non diabetics can. Her book says you don’t have to do this “cave man” style, you can do it with “grace and formality” whatever that means.

Her comment on what does she serve for a dinner party, and here is what she said..

“The biggest one was a Christmas party for 65 people”. I had such variety, nobody was complaining about the fact that I wasn’t serving bread and pie. Rather it was a platform and an opportunity to teach people about all the many different possibilities that you have on the paleo diet.

Note: The word paleo comes from paleolithic diet, which comes from the period of what is considered caveman or hunter gatherer, before agriculture in other words, which in case you are keeping track started less than 10,000 years ago.

It takes man 50,000 years to adjust to a major change of diet which explains why most have not yet adjusted to agriculture foods such as grain and dairy.

Also explains why all of the fake foods that have developed since 1800 and particularly since 1950, (refined sugar, steel milled flour, high fructose corn syrup and manmade vegetable and trans fats, MSG for example) do not work well in the human heath area.

Your body knows how to make everything work when you do not sabotage its efforts with food and drink it was never made to handle. The reason people switch to this diet for life, even though they do not have diabetes is because you revert to what weight your body was designed for automatically and your overall health improves so much, most would not consider going back to the old menu.

So I guess you can pick up one of these books and get a lot better understanding of the menu change that works for you if you just also exclude fruit, then it works perfectly for a diabetic.

The author of this book says that if she goes back to eating all those things on the “no list” she feels awful. She says “Time is precious, I do not want to waste my time freely poorly.

So I did not invent the ancestor diet, your ancestors did. It worked for them and will work for you.. There are many books out on this as a weight loss system and it works as you know from diabetes fix also fixing obesity.

Thin is your natural state and when you eat what you were made to eat you will automatically be thin.

Your basic health problems are probably all tied to no longer being able to tolerate or compensate for eating food not designed for, which of course diabetes is one and most of the others you may not be aware of until you have a stroke, heart attack etc.

Understand that switching to what you were made to handle is simple, painless, and you will start to see amazing results within two weeks.

You are addicted to sugar whether you know or not, and be aware anyone sobering up from an addiction goes thru a lot of pain. Recognize it for what it is……withdrawal symptoms……

Average Estimated Diet Percentages “That Worked,” During the Two Million Year Test of 35 Billion People Eating It. *Think about it, 8 months of the year, much of world had zero sugar (carb) sources. Some never.

Most Tested Diet Ever, A 2 Million Year Study of 35 Billion People Eating It.