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Russian Pioneer: Doctor

I Consider That This May Well Be the Biggest Medical and Health Discovery of the Twentieth Century.

Eastern Philosophies Have Involved Breathe Training For Centuries.

Dr. Buteykos Discovery Explains

Why Did Some Sicken & Die and Others Not? Now We Have An Understanding Of Why the Difference.

Dr. Buteykos Discovery on Diabetes, Asthma 40 Years Ago

Russian Doctors Discovery Finally
Arrives In U.S

Suppressed, Down Played, Cures the Incurable for Free.

Cure and Health Fix Is Learned, Not Pills.

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This is Russian Medical Students Discovery Observing Dying Patients In Hospitals. 40 Plus Years Of Study Results In Outstanding Breakthrough In Understanding Health Problems. (and simple fix)

1. Wrong Diet, 2.Wrong Life Style, 3.Wrong?
Russian Discovery Is Missing Link.

Fixing Error Your Operating System Is Making Solves Health Threats

Five Years I have Researched Books and the Web and World For How To Get Back The 15 Years Life Expectancy I Lost With My Diagnosis of Diabetes.

Here is My Biggest Health Research Discovery in those 5 Years Looking for Answers for Diabetes and Recently Asthma. Ran into this Russian Doctors discovery he made 40 years ago, (while I was researching asthma), and he had experimented with for 40 years, which I found unbelievable, but have since completely changed my mind.

The thought, from my previous research, that the big evolution and modern diet and life style where 80% of the reason for the United States big health problem.

Now I believe and will explain hopefully in a few words, what I now believe is likely 30% of the American health problems (and costs) that almost no one will believe, and you can fix, improve, and maintain your health with it for almost free.

Here in lies the problem, there is no money (or little in it) and it destroys (if fully publicized and implemented) the need for 1/3 of the American Medical Society complex.

Almost no one believed it in Russia, and many still don’t, but after 25 years of studies that could not be denied, it was approved as standard treatment and is now taught in Russian hospitals as a cure for a variety of ailments.

Russian athletes are now taught this to enhance their performance (because it works).

Let’s explain it this way……. If your body cells were being starved for half the oxygen they need to thrive, by a “programming” involuntary body control error bad habit your body auto pilot control picked up……

That likely over 50% of the population has picked up a start on this at least, and people are dying because of it indirectly from a zillion illnesses progressing because of this cell oxygen starvation.

Three of these afflictions we talk about this issue… Diabetes, Asthma and Sleep Apnea.

……and we will have this researched enough soon to discuss the 85% deaths of Americans from degenerative disease and how this ties in.

Then you would believe it would be easy for your body to be overcome by many illnesses and even by this error self advancing to where it literally itself kills you by shorting your cells even more for life giving oxygen.

A Breathing Error is the Corner Stone Of Your Health Problems

Here is the medical basis for this story……

It is known and well accepted by all as the Bohr effect. This says that for your hemoglobin, blood oxygen carrying system to work to successfully deliver oxygen to your cells, you must have carbon dioxide in your blood stream.

This has now been determined to be between 3% and 6.5% carbon dioxide in your blood stream to operate.

Below 3% is death, 6.5%, is perfect health. They have NEVER found one person with 6.5% carbon dioxide level, that has any major illness or degenerative disease, etc. In fact, they now have test devices you can connect to your computer that gives you a blood carbon dioxide reading and you can use it to detect exactly your state of health this way.

So low carbon dioxide blood levels is a walking health disaster. High level is perfect health. You earn both by your automatic breathing rate.

The amazing thing from Dr. Buteyko’s 40 years of experiments in Russia, is that you can learn to train your body to maintain almost any of these levels, including 6.5%.

In fact, your being prone to illnesses are likely due in a big part to your accidently inadvertently training your body to maintain a low carbon dioxide level by incorrect breathing, thereby starving your bodies cells from receiving adequate oxygen delivered.

Quote: Andrew Weil M. D. :

If I had to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be simply to learn how to breathe correctly.

Pranayama, the breathing system taught in eastern countries, tied to Yoga, a breathing technique of the centuries. It is taught in the U.S. primarily for relieving stress and anxiety (crucial to health) which are triggers of course for asthma, etc., and it has been found effective in helping asthma. Unlike Buteyko method, no clinical tests verifying its effectiveness.

Some say learning this breathing method is effective against asthma and other health problems. It just backs up there is considerable evidence all along the way this is one solution to the health problem (maybe including yours) that has been overlooked.

How Fixing Common Breathing Error Fixes Most Health Problems

The breathing error is simply “breathing too much”, or over ventilating as it is called.

This error was picked up likely from a high fever at some point were your body was fighting for survival. When you over breathe your body turns alkaline, (sick is germs thrive in acidic body pH) somehow it has picked up maintaining the wrong carbon dioxide level. Your automatic control turns on breathing to get exhalation of carbon dioxide down to the predetermined (error) level. Most believe your breathing rate is determined by your lack of oxygen, etc.

It is not…it is controlled by carbon dioxide blood content. Once set to low that is your regular breathing rate. This likely starves your cells for oxygen so you think you should breath more, so you exhale more carbon dioxide… thus it is self feeding escalation of over breathing. In other words, the over breathing habit tends to get worse and worse or more pronounced on its own.

People become more susceptible to all sorts of ailments, diseases, and viruses because their immune system cells, etc., are being short changed on oxygen. Deprived to the point of being a danger to your survival. If you look at our Asthma diagrams you will see at which point your body survival system decides this over breathing is becoming a threat to your survival with the low carbon dioxide you are maintaining by over breathing.

Not everybody has this automatic save you kick in called Asthma. Asthma is a survival protection to keep you from killing yourself with over breathing. It is very common for a person that has arrived at asthma to be breathing enough for six people and exhaling so much carbon dioxide, that your survival system first plugs up your nose to slow breathing.

You take chemicals to open your nose, etc., or breath through your mouth, so your survival system ups the protections to inflaming and restricting your airways.

This inflammation of airways also makes you hyper allergic to a lot of substances.

When this does not slow breathing enough, it then adds mucous to slow down you’re over breathing. You panic and take more chemicals (prescriptions) and you have an escalating contest going among prescriptions and your survival system trying to slow down your over breathing.

Simply fix your over breathing bad habit and you no longer have asthma…it is that simple….however, retraining your breathing system is not easy or simple. That’s another whole story. Those that succeed and do only part slow down get off an average of 90% of their medications, from the studies figures..(6 studies) This is what impressed me..

In the thousands of studies I have read for five years, clear back to 1890, none have ever had 100% of the participants agree something worked.

But here Dr. Buteykos retraining, all ages, all capabilities of learning or stick to it ness…in studies in 5 countries 100% reported positive results regardless of how far they had progressed.

Unprecedented, no medicine or cure has ever had that percentage of positive results.

Those that got breathing rates retrained back to normal….100% no longer had asthma. Now he is reported to have had astounding results with diabetes but have not deciphered all of that yet, but will have it for you soon. Have read considerable on his fix using breathing retraining to get you off the need for a c pap machine for sleep breathing, but note that all say this works, but I have not figured that one out yet.

Here is the point for diabetics. Asthmatic patients outlive non asthmatics. Diabetics underlive non diabetics.

Understanding Your Survival System Classing low carbon dioxide (and resulting low delivery of oxygen to cells) as a threat to your survival. Just consider two important oxygen users, your heart muscle gets inadequate oxygen because of low carbon dioxide levels you are toast.

Or your brain gets too little oxygen and you do stupid stuff that kills you, so low oxygen delivery in your blood stream IS A THREAT to your survival.

Here is the explanation. People that do not have the asthma “kick in to save yourself” from overbreathing, catch all sorts of things because of overbreathing. Asthmatics catch less because their overbreathing is stopped or slowed in time.

Studies show asthmatics come down with less ailments then non asthmatics. Non asthmatics go further down the road of low carbon dioxide becoming a risk to your survival.

To get off this article for now, let’s just say odds are over 50% you are over breathing, Breathing too deeply and exhaling carbon dioxide to a compromising your health level.

All who have retrained their breathing in these courses (for asthma) and one heck of a lot of time retraining themselves…all report extraordinary improvement in their general health and well being in addition to eliminating or greatly improving their asthma and getting off dangerous medications.

This is similar to the improvement in over all health most who have switched diet to control their diabetes find a great improvement in overall health and general well being as they put it. That they were not expecting or working for but came as a surprise bonus.

The trick here is to learn to breath less often and less deep. Deep breathing is counter productive.

You can research this using the words Dr. Buteyko. Died a few years ago but he has trainees around the world now called Buteyko Practitioners that teach classes on learning to retrain your breathing.

Research his work on Diabetes and let me know what you uncover. I am getting to it as I can work the time in.

I really believe this work of Dr. Buteyko will turn out to be one of the greatest medical fixes in history.

He got into this as a medical student discovering those over breathing died sooner and those breathing correct rates got well and went home. He said he could almost predict and accurately forecast the dying time of everyone in the hospital by checking their breathing rate.

He then spent 40 years testing and experimenting and curing people by correcting breathing rates, but everyone was skeptical.

25 years of tests in Russia finally convinced the medical establishment to accept it.

His method is now paid for by Australian insurance. Buteyko retraining has been in operation nearly 20 years in Australia, brought home by an Australian tourist to Russia.

The Mayo clinic has sanctioned it as a viable treatment for asthma.

More by reading up on it on our http://asthmacure101.com site and more here on diabetes Buteyko fix as we uncover it.

Note: Study just in shows those lowering their automatic breathing rate 30% corrected asthma over 70%. This has been apparent that those doing exercises long enough to make any reduction at all in breathing rates, show great improvement in their asthma and getting off medications, and stopping attacks.

Note 2: This is similar to even a slight loss of weight greatly improves blood sugar handling ability for diabetics as you regain even a few (lost to fat) cells that can again store surplus sugar in peak ‘emergency overloads.

Note: Diagrams are not scientifically accurate, but are approximations with editorial liberties taken to illustrate with visual comparisons.

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