Meters, Pills, Shots, = Diabetic Early Exit

Diabetics Need to Learn What Works and Compare With What Studies Show Sends You To Cemetery 6 to 15 Years Early

Diabetics Need The Facts, Major Decision

“Just Take Your Pills As Told, and You Will Be Fine.”

See All Those Diplomas From Treatments Learned Years Ago? Trust Me……

Most Buy In……

Look At Diabetes Medical Record, Diabetes Fund Raisers Since 1945, to Find A Cure


Sixty Five Years Of Medical Diabetes Fund Raising Promises “NOT CURED ONE DIABETIC”


Not Even Slowed Diabetes, Now Doubling Every 12 Years. Diabetics 15 Year Shortened Life Span, Ask your doctor, he will confirm.

Does That Early Death Epidemic Sound Like They are Pushing “What Works” for Diabetics or what works for them?


Reconsider Your Expiration Date. You Can control it. OPTIONAL, dying is easy….

Diabetic Public Starting To Wise Up

Many Courageous Doctors Backing This Message

The standard medical care for diabetes is attempt the lowering of blood sugar with man made chemicals, and disregard nearly all other aspects of diabetes effect and control..

Yet statistics show diabetics die primarily from heart related problems and numerous studies show lowering blood sugar to some targeted low level with medications does not solve that problem, but in fact lowers your life expectancy by about 15 years from most estimates.

Two major government Studies (both over 10,000 participants and both over 4 year studies, )were stopped, ended a year early because of the high death rate of those on the diabetes medications compared to those not.

Three studies particularly, the Accord study, (all over 10k diabetics each over several years.) show that lowering blood sugar with aggressive medication treatments does not lower rates of death, but were stopped because of increased deaths.

A UK study also showed that lowering A1C from an 8 to 7 per cent did not reduce heart attacks.

A similar size Australian study for five years, found no reduction in kidney disease risk and or heart disease risk of those who were given aggressive blood sugar control with medication.

Understand diabetics are listed as four times more likely to die of a heart attack as non diabetics.

The medical protocol emphasis on aggressively lowering blood sugar with medications and ignoring the main issues of diabetes does NOT lower the death rate of diabetics. This has been proven in studies, now, over and over again.

No one wants to admit that the high death rate on those studies with medications to aggressively lower blood sugar, that the high death rate is NOT from lowering the blood sugar, but is from the use of and a side effect of the use of these medications.

The Drug Companies Would Come unglued if a study explaining that Came Out. No Media Would Dare Expose this.

Yet the medical society stay with this standard accepted medication treatments proven as counter productive non working protocol.

Apparently because……….

Writing a prescription is still the only way they have found to get a diabetic out of the office in 15 minutes, convinced he is getting the latest greatest medical care, with some new big name untested drug.

To teach you to take control of your own diabetes requires considerable education.
Insurance companies will NOT pay doctors for educating patients.
Most doctors believe it is too difficult for the patient to do himself, that they are too lazy or undisciplined enough and wouldn’t follow it any way.

Nobody tells the diabetic patient about government studies showing this is the wrong move and traps you in a downward spiral of ever more powerful drugs needed, artificially exhausting your pancreas, making you in time, a type one diabetic, chained to insulin shots for life, and statistically much earlier death.

The control your own blood sugar (diabetes) in comparison is simply to learn to stop inputting totally, what raises blood sugar. Get and honor a “no eat” ever again list. Most can get their blood glucose levels to no longer even qualify as a diabetic. (author 82, no longer qualify as even a “prediabetic”. 5.9 A1c)

Essentially amounts to eat all you want whenever you want, what your body was made to eat. Avoid inputs your body was not made for. (refined sugar and grains for example_)

What you wanted to hear……

Easy Medical Sell,…….
Keep Eating What You Always Ate, Just A Little Less And Take our Pills and/or Eventually Insulin Shots. Keep Precise Track With A Meter Many Times A Day. Insurance Will pay For all. (except funeral)

Our Hard Sell……

Simple, Take Charge Yourself Diet Change No Bookkeeping-Other Benefits Will Change Your Life


You are likely aware that sugar suppresses your immune system and makes you more affected by diseases, viruses colds etc.

Sugar levels affect Yeast growths everywhere in your diabetic body, particularly your digestive system.

Almost all diabetics have a yeast growth somewhere, in their body, usually totally unknown. These candida infections causes numerous unexplained symptoms you often just blame on diabetes, or getting old.

Internal fungal infections are rarely detected in diabetics, this is something you have to go after yourself and is very difficult to get rid of. (takes months) No satisfactory medications seem available. (toe nail example is likely one of few you can see, other then scalp, skin etc.)

High blood sugar makes a diabetics body a ‘ literal fungus candida, garden. Example, Diabetics have twice the toe nail fungus of general public.

Sugar increases dental problems and associated gum peridontial diseases, often out of control in diabetics and greatly affecting heart problems etc.

Sugar slows mental functions and affects behavior, as well as learning capacity. If you have child or grand child with problems in school, try getting them off all sugar. If you are loosing cognitive ability try the “no sugar fix.”

Cancer cells feed (thrive) on sugar according to clinical and experimental studies… we invite you to explore this.

Sugar intake affects joints and arthritis.

Sugar associated with and seems to affect your blood pressure. Dropping sugar it usually improves.

Stopping refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup, flour and starch input will fix many things besides your diabetes.

This “dropping sugar and grains,”will be the great life expectancy improvement of your lifetime.

Like the smoker quitting cigarettes, it will seem like the end of the world, to do so,

You too, will just like the person stopping smoking, or alcohol, go thru 21 days of withdrawal pain.

Bad news for both, If you cheat, the 21 days starts over.