1950 on…Human Body Increasingly Insulated From Natural Electrical Earth Grounding…..

Diabetes Is A Degenerative Disease, One Of About 20 Such Main Stream Killers, All Affected By Natural Earth Grounding Of Your Body

If born in 1870 your chances of dying of cancer 1 in 33. born 1970, 1 in 3. This is an example in the increase of degenerative /disease such as cancer. Born in 1870 chances of dying of infection, 1 in 2, 1970, 1 in 100. (according to healthyliving .org.) Born in 1870 chances of dying of heart attack 1 in 7. Born 1970 1 in 2.

19 out of 20, currently, according to them, will currently die from of some degenerative disease.

We note that there are about 20 slow killer degenerative diseases. In 1900, many Doctors had never seen a case of diabetes, a degenerative disease.

Degenerative disease deaths are slow and most involve inflammation, in other words, your body immune system is involved in killing itself slowly, by attacking its own cells, (inadvertently) the mystery: what is the body “do it yourself mistake” and why was this happening now, what have we done?

This has been a great mystery, as to why this has come about and all sorts of theory’s are afloat. Attempts to stop it have been less than effective.

Recent discovery, the loss of natural foot to earth connection, an electrical contact with mother earth, recently discovered by Clint Ober, as now insulated, this makes sense, increases in the onset of degenerative disease match (such as diabetes in the graph) with loss of earth contact starting in 1900. The start of when people essentially stopped sleeping on dirt floors on animal skins (they conduct electriciy) and has exploded with insulating shoe soles starting in 1950. Matching of the rise in degenerative disease almost exactly, (see diabetes graph) diabetes increase, which matches most other degenerative disease rise.

Best of all, direct evidence that this correcting of the current lack of grounding seems to end much of this inflammation connected degenerative disease symptoms within 24 hours when put into practice and natural earth grounding that your body was designed for is resumed. (We note reports are inflammation disease pain seems to disappear and end overnight for about 2/3 of those testing this when natural earth electrical body grounding is resumed full time.)

This will likely become the most revolutionary medical discovery in the century but will take a normal 20 to 30 years for the medical society to recognize it, and put into practice, just as it did for the discovery of the cause and cure for ulcers. Meantime, millions will die earlier then need be, just as happened with ulcer fix discovery, public continuing paying huge amounts for treatments and drugs that only treat symptoms and basically do not work. Several studies are already in. You can wait for more, or use common sense that this is a normal natural set up in human history and evolution and resuming or correcting this change is almost free and can only be beneficial. There is no downside or negative side effect of doing so.

There is no money to be made in suggesting grounding and it likely ends the long term becoming a lifetime patient and doctor getting paid for treating on going symptoms, years and slow death of most degenerative disease, never treat the cause, so you never got better.

Your author is personally “well grounded” physically in practice, (85 and can attest to it works) and has researched the subject for some time. Has no medical expertise but after considerable research and experience, looks on this as essential for your body to heal and maintain itself. It appears by your not being grounded as a result of changes in footwear etc. your body has lost the connerstone of healthy operation, namely the negative ions that flow from earth to all living things, and normally keep your body charged with negative ions that automatically cencel out free radicals etc. You will find your operating system has been under stress, not protected by and timed with natures electrical clock.

Cooperate with your body operating system as designed. Give it back the environmental electrical connection to mother earth that it needs for healthy operation. Learn how and set it up so you have normal earth grounding indoors as well as outdoors.