The Word “Cure” is a Taboo Word With the Medical Society and The Media

No Self Respecting Health Major Media Would Ever Link To A Health Site Using Word “CURE”.


Only A Fool Uses Word “CURE”

Their Clients, Big Pharmacy, and the Medical Society Shun The Word
Advertising Dollars Are Essential, Do Not Bite The Hand That Feeds You.

You Would No Longer Have The Steady Assured Income.

Easily Verifiable

Convention is that there is no legitimate use of the Affirmative Word “CURE” in current health treatment news.

Use The Word “Cure” You Are Automatically Discredited

Want To See Your Doctor Turn White?

If you have been to medical school you break out in a rash, at the mere mention of the word.

They are taught to NEVER use the word CURE. (in dental school they are trained to never use the word “oops”.)

The diseases you treat, (you only treat symptoms remember) have diseases you treat go into remission, are sometimes reversed etc or as in Diabetes, they like to use the word “Controlled”. …… but NEVER ever use the word “CURED”.

Besides, if you graduated from medical school you KNOW there is NO CURE for Asthma or Diabetes.

When the Australian Doctor Made Speeches At Medical Conventions 22 Years Ago, That He Had Developed A Cure For Ulcers Every Doctor Got Up and Walked Out.

They were insulted, that the Medical Society even let this guy speak. Everyone who had been to medical school KNEW that bacteria could not survive in your stomach.

It took 22 years to have his “Cure” accepted. Now standard two week treatment to “cure” ulcers.

Anyone who uses the word “Cure” is automatically classed as a Charlton, A Quack, and/or A Fake, and should be granted no credibility whatsoever.

So we start right off with an up hill battle because, we are not going to be accepted by anyone in the industry, they can not quote, us or use any of our material, or link to a publisher that uses the word cure.

That is our big advantage. We are not tied to the conventional thinking, or training, we can research from scratch with NONE of these preconceived or pounded into your head medical “conventions”.

Everything we uncover, we can think it through “out of the box”.

We write about primarily what I have personally put to use, with diabetes, or my wife with asthma.

We are constantly testing what works, and publish my test results regularly. Consider my self a human lab rat, constantly testing, “what works”.

Currently 82, have no time for five year studies, need to know what works “right now”.

Cure Word Definition We Use Here

Definition Of the Word Cure, that We use with Asthma…..

Regaining your health, discontinuing all medications, and having no return of the affliction?


Definition of the Word Cure, that we use with Diabetes is,……

Regaining your health, discontinuing all medications, and having a complete halting all further progression of Diabetic complications.

We might add a bonus of often “significant reversal of damage”.