“Cooking Started” Man’s Nutrient Problems

Cooking Kills 100% Of Enzymes, Many Nutrients

“Fermented, Dried and Raw, All = Live Food All Indigenous Society’s Had One Or More Fermented Food.”

Grocery Stores in Turkey Stock Only Gallon Yogurt Containers….Non of this Cup Sweetened Stuff.

Cooking Kills Natural Enzymes So Requires Body To Manufacture Enzymes to Digest It.

Same Gland Produces Immune System Anti Body’s= Short Supply As a Result.

Most are not aware that your body has to manufacture enzymes to be able to digest cooked food. Raw food comes with its own live enzyme but when you cook it, your body can not digest unless it makes digesting enzymes.

The theory is as you get older you have limited capacity to make both cooked food digesting enzymes and anti bodies, so your anti bodies are not up to production and therefore an abundance of cooked food requiring digest enzymes manufactured to digest everything means you are more susceptible to coming down with illnesses since you are not 100% capable to being able to award off things that need warding off.

Others say this is not true, and I have not determined for sure, but you can be aware of this.

When detect coming down with something some suggest eating nothing but raw food for 24 hours to give immune system full time on overcoming invaders.

You understand eating mostly cooked food makes your body more acidic. An acidic body is very good host for bacteria viruses etc. and an alkaline body or neutral, the invaders can hardly survive in at all.

A body harboring cancer is for example very acidic.

Lets take the American Sioux Indian. They lived almost entirely on eating Buffalo.

They did not carry their barbeque grill around and wamp up a Buffalo steak or burger when ever hungry.

They hung buffalo meat strips up in the sun, dried it in as little as 24 hours, powdered up the dry with rocks and mixed it back with fat, Carried it in bags made from the Buffalo stomach.

That was called Pemmican and whether it was deer, buffalo or whatever meat, Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark and all early Americans practically lived on Pemmican when away from home traveling.

We tell you how to make it and use it today particularly for traveling, zip lock bag full, in your pocket. Does not spoil for years.

It was never cooked, merely dried, so the enzymes were never killed. It was not acidic when eaten since it was never heated over 116 and cooked. People often lived on nothing else for like two weeks, it was nutritionally sound.

The cooked and processed food you eat now is not.

Cooking making some nutrients in some foods more available and makes some foods tolerable for human consumption. Potatoes are an example.

Farmers know feed pigs raw potatoes nothing happens. Feed them cooked potatoes they get fat in short order.

So cooking and processing, changes everything, is relatively new to man and cooking and processing and manufactured foods means you are now eating up to 80% of food that your model body (and ancestors) were never made to eat.

You have been roasting, grilling or deep frying for a life time and these high-heat cooking methods make tasty browning, darken and dry out foods that lead to the formation of carcinogenic *cancer forming. . lay off for life.

To prepare vegetables generally, eat as many raw, particularly green leafy every day and when cooking use a steamer, it is best because it makes beneficial nutrients more absorbable while causing minimal damage to heat-sensitive nutrients you want to retain.

If you get a double deck table top steamer (under $30) you can cook a whole meal in a steamer and serve the meal right in the cooking trays.

Best part is the timer, cook the food only the exact time, (no over cooking). You would be amazed in the difference in taste, and if your Alzheimer’s kicks in you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn off the burner.

Get a small one and you can cook anything, traveling anywhere with a non obtrusive steamer.. method.

Microwaving is fairly OK, but is very high temperature and very easy to overcook time wise. So stick with steaming.

Avoid Boiling food, it is not good because many nutrients are discarded with the cooking water.

Soups and stews are better, then boiling, the-water-soluble nutrients are not poured off because you eat the tasty liquid portion, too.