Controlling Or “Curing” Your Diabetes?

Controlling Or “Curing” Your Diabetes?

Stop Cancer Growth and Its Gone Is Your Cancer “Cured” or Is it “Controlled”?

Define Diabetes As An A1C Blood Test 6.5 Up

Medicare Says 3 Fasting Tests Over 125, Qualified As Diabetic Rest Of Your Life.

Do Anything A Non Diabetic Can Do Except Eat Junk, and A Few Restricted Foods

Diabetics Problem: Junk Food Tolerator Processor Defunct

Their Definition Of Cure Is “Able To Eat Junk Again”

Like Saying Emphysema Is “Cured” Only If Able To Smoke Again.


“Cure”: Our definition: Off All Medications, No Advancement Of Diabetic complications, normal range bloods sugar.

How To Control-Cure Diabetes

Definition Of Diabetes Cure, Is Off Medications, No Complications Advance, Normal blood sugar range.

Some say unless you can go back to eating all the Crispy Creme Doughnuts You Want, Your Diabetes Is NOT cured, it is ONLY “controlled.” Anyone who claims you can “cure”diabetes is a quack. That line is indoctrinated in medical school. Media would NEVER dare use the word, would be “suspect” and no longer a respectable source of information.

Looking at the definition of a diabetic, Medicare pronounces you a certified Diabetic for life, never need to be retested once you have tested three times fasting over 125. This is because everybody KNOWS diabetes is incurable, so there is no need to ever test you again to qualify.

Authorities say to be “pre-diabetic” you have to test over 100 blood sugar level regularly.

It is possible for you as a diabetic to get off medications and “retrain” your blood sugar under 100 (in as little as six weeks) and no longer even qualify as a prediabetic but they will say you are “not cured”as a diabetic, you are just “controlled.

If you were cured they say you would be able to go back eating all the “good stuff” you used to eat.

This is like saying you can never say you are “cured” of emphysema, unless you can go back to smoking two packs a day.

Diabetes is but One symptom, of a no longer functional body system.

The cure is to “Retrain” yourself and your body to operate without it.

Our Definition: Of Diabetes Cure, Is Off All Medications, No Complications Advance, Normal blood sugar range, No Escalation Of Anything.