How Corn is The Root Cause of US Health Collapse

Is Corn Man Made?

Nobody has the nerve to tell you this…….

Define Diabetes As An A1C Blood Test 6.5 Up

The main reason 45 countries, have longer life expectancy then the US is because of the main farm product, CORN.

The farm lobby became so strong because the politicians found they could not be elected dog catcher, if against corn due to the Iowa primaries being a determiner of who goes on to the big time.

Corn was in huge surplus, and several man made products (from corn) should not and likely would not have been approved for human consumption were it not for the corn lobby potent political powers.

The US Dept of Agriculture’s own studies showed that HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, a MAN made FAKE sugar manufactured from corn had big problems and should not have been approved for human consumption.

It never the less was, is becoming almost a total replacement for cane and beet sugar which turned out to be HEALTH food compared to high fructose corn syrup.

88 pounds a year per person was the latest figure we saw but that has increased considerably obviously since that figure from some time ago.

It is replacing sugar everywhere. You cannot even buy ketchup made with real sugar anywhere.

Soft drinks have switched almost 100% from REAL sugar to FAKE sugar high fructose corn syrup.

High fructose is handled by your body entirely differently then SUGAR…..this substance does NOT exist naturally anywhere.

Many people reported importing Coke from Mexico ( which does not allow, BANS, high fructose corn syrup) and their Coke is made with real sugar. (different taste)

More and more processed foods, (only in the US.) switching to the artificially (due to government artificially keeps real sugar high) cheaper fake corn syrup apparently $20 or more a ton cheaper.

ONLY in the US is Corn Syrup part of the diet. Only in the US is Corn Oil and other vegetable oils made and sold as food.

You can squeeze corn all you want, you will get NO SYRUP and you will get NO oil.

They are both MANUFACTURED, with fermentation and other chemical man made factory processes, from corn, they could likely have manufactured it from petroleum but that does not have the corn lobby to lock in a market.

Corn Oil has an Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio of 83 to 1. Man for thousands of years ate fats 1 to 1 ratio. His body can NOT handle this ratio.

This ratio change of Omega 3 to Omega 6 in meats, is why health gurus are trying to tell you to eat fish to try to make up for the NOW MISSING Omega 3 fats you need to balance the huge amounts of Omega 6 you are getting in US produced meat.

It wont work…you can NOT eat that much fish.

Now comes the big change primarily since 1950. FACTORY meat. Confining animals indoors in a factory, allowing almost no movement, some less then six foot in a life time. Crowded out of the sunlight, many living in their own excrement to their knees for a lifetime.

Force fed almost entirely corn, (cattle cannot survive on corn and die) To keep them alive on this diet and conditions they are fed large quantities of antibiotics, chemicals and growth spurring hormones.

Animals (calfs) that come off the range (grass) will have an Omega fat ratio of like 3 to 1.. Within 60 days in the force fed factory the ratio has gone to almost the corn oil ratio, apparently you become what you eat.

CLA is a crucial fat you need and that almost disappears in meat and eggs raised in “factory” confinement. This is a cancer preventive ( plus much more) that is now almost missing in factory meat and eggs. solely, American food consumption.

Thus US food is now almost entirely, factory raised force fed meat and eggs (raised to maturity in about half the usual growth time) (hormones) This meat and eggs are different then meat and eggs grown in most other countries.

Raised on a farm, my high school farm friends will no longer speak to me since I have been exposing what is going on.

What can you do about it? Not much other then try to locate sources of meat and eggs that are GRASS and range grown.

The people who wised up were looking for range raised eggs and chicken meat, (not on wire crowed six layers high no room for movement chicken factory building.)

The government then passed a ruling that says if a chicken is raised in a building that has a door that is open five minutes a day to the outside (so they COULD go outside five minutes a day,) (whether they actually go out or not is immaterial) the meat or eggs CAN THEN BE labeled “RANGE RAISED”.

Keep in mind the eggs and meat have NOTHING in them not fed to them. They CAN not pick up anything, minerals elements etc they need so the meat and eggs are NOT the same as range raised, in addition to being force fed food they were never made to eat, plus chemicals to keep them alive til slaughter.

We will tell you more soon as you are ready.