Dark Chocolate Helps Cirrhosis Fix

Dark Chocolate Better Then Precscription Drugs For Opening Pipes, Previous Studies Proved

Dark Chocolate Number One For Lowering Blood Pressure, Helpful For Liver Patients

A recent Spanish study has found Dark chocolate can indeed help lower blood pressure in the liver and reduce damage to blood vessels in people suffering with cirrhosis of the liver.

A scarring of the liver that can be fatal often leading to complete organ failure.

The Dark chocolate, which is more then twice as antioxidant-rich as standard chocolate is proving helpful according to researchers on a Spanish Study.

The study was presented at the International Liver Conference in Vienna.

Dark chocolate was give as part of liquid meals given to a group of 21 patients with end-stage liver disease. The report says they recorded a much smaller increase in blood pressure after meals for the group that ate dark chocolate compared to the placebo. Dark Chocolate is packed with flavonoids, which are potent antioxidants, have been reported here and credited in dozens of other studies with improving circulation.

Dark chocolate has been recently used to slow heart disease in smokers.

Liver patients experience risk from high blood pressure bursting liver cells, hence the importance of Dark Chocolate lowering blood pressure.

Diabetics as well as alcoholics experience cirrhosis of the liver, in this case from high fructose levels which are processed by the liver where ordinary sugar is not.