Newly Diagnosed Diabetic, 4 Choices

Some Diabetics Foolishly Think, “Just Take Your Medication, and You Will Be Fine”

Do Not Let Anyone Make This Diabetes Decision For You

You Are Dealing With Your Life, UNDERSTAND What Is At Stake.

Newly Diagnosed Diabetic…..Has 4 Choices

Option 1
Go Under Doctors care, Continue Eating as usual with only a slightly Modified diet.

Doctor then prescribes, over months or years a Series of Progressing Strength, ever stronger and larger number of Pharmaceutical prescriptions, often leading to drugs driving the pancreas to produce 4 to 5 times normal insulin levels, to force down blood sugar. Often leading to your pancreas eventually dying from over driven exhaustion, and quits all insulin production. Makes you dependant upon On Insulin shots, for rest of your Life. This means they will tell you that your Diabetes is “progressing” and leading to Insulin shots for the rest of your life. High Insulin levels from diabetic medication driving pancreas causes early death from high insulin damage. No one with high insulin levels, lives to ripe old age.

Option 2
Change your diet somewhat and eat less of many things you usually ate but cut out nothing. No medication, you are in charge. Just cut enough banned items to not feel guilty. Diabetic Complications permanent damage will suddenly surprise you. No Reversing fix. Out last number one.
Option 3
Drastically change some of your diet but not give up everything you enjoy. If do go this route, you cheat often so nothing is stabilized. May get a away with this for years with shortened life expectancy. You go thru what you think others are doing.
Option 4
Ancestors Diet. What your particular body was designed for basically what they ate. Complete commitment to doing what is known to work. This is route we have tested along with many others.

Ancestors Diet Itself is a long term,

is one tested by 35 million ancestors for 2 million years. What your body was designed and slight mod of this works for diabetics.

No seeing what you can get away with, no testing, just all out change. When all under good control, only then can consider adding back in. Most do not even try to add back foods, and consider doing so much better with health now so change back of any kind is not worth risk of going back to previous health risk.

Surprise Warning Result of US Government 300 Million dollar, Scientific Study.

Lowest Life expectancy is Option One above, proven by 2 U.S. Government Diabetes studies costing taxpayers over 300 million dollars each. Some say these studies prove the six year to 15 year die early estimate comes from those on the diabetic prescription mode.

Note: The are two dangers or hazards of high blood sugar. One is diabetic complications that sugar thickened blood kills nerves, causes kidney problems, neuropathy, blindness etc. This type of hazard needs to be compensated for by keeping your blood sugar in control.

What the studies deal with is that controlling tight blood sugar levels to cut early death from heart attacks etc for diabetics has never been proven to work.

Here recent government studies show doing this to lower blood sugar causes more and earlier diabetic deaths.

Diabetes high blood sugar can be controlled without drugs is the point here. You can not ignore the danger of diabetes complications, (making you an invalid,) high sugar control is part of learning to control your own blood sugar.