The Pemmican “Not So Secret” Recipe

Pemmican is a survival superfood due to its nutrient density. It’s a great way to store protein and fat for a long time if you want to store something other than protein powder and oils in your pantry.

Make Your Own Pemmican

The Pemmican “Not So Secret” Recipe

Recipe: Meat Dried Totally, Powdered, Fat Added to Suit

Basic ingrediants, Take one Moose, Kangaroo, Beef, Deer, Rabbit, Chicken, You Name It.

Remove all traces of fat, Slice it up into 1/8 inch or so thick strips.

Dry Meat spread out with Sunshine, Outdoor Air, Food Drier, Oven, Solar Oven, Preferably, Do not exceed 118 degrees.

When breaks when bent…it is dry. If bends, dry some more.

Grind to powder, use blender, rocks, hammer, meat grinder etc.

Place in large mixing container, Add Optional Dried Substances (if any) see list. mix well.

Add Fat to conisitency favored etc stir in. Tallow. Coconut Oil, Olive Oil?

Spread On Cookie Sheet. Cut Up Like Milky Way Bars. Place Meal size portions in zip lock bags.

Take rest of day off.

Optional Additives.

For Diabetics, here is what I would and do add to my Pemmican. They say what is in it? I say, depends on which batch, cause I make it with whatever is around at the time. But here is the things I would put in, because I am diabetic.

A couple containers of Hersheys Dark Baking Coco, 100% No sugar, no milk, no nothing. The amount of Chocolate depends on the amount and quantity of meat etc. and I would shoot for not more then 5% by volume of chocolate powder. Now no one else I ever heard uses chocolate powder, but I do and it works well. The Chocolate is part of opening up your pipes and you need some every six hours to succeed. If you have diabetes, you know about restricted blood flow to your feet, eyes etc. and if you can’t remember where you put your keys, probably to your brain. If you have heart attack and die early (four times non diabetic odds) your pipes in the wrong place restricted, so chocolate is key ingrediant. Next, figure out a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon per meal. I usually make about a $100 batch, about 30 meals so I need seven teaspoons or so of cinnamon. Then using the same yardstick about 2 or 3 of ground cloves……about 3 or four teaspoons of Tumeric, or less plus a couple of Cummin, (related) go easy on this first batch to see if you like it or not…

You might leave them out entirely until you get on to this and Cayenne Pepper is most sensitive of all how much of this you dare put in. So Cayenne is for the experienced pemmican maker or make small test batch and try different mixtures… Studies show many thing will lower your blood sugar, 20% such as cinnamon and ground cloves, but on Cayenne Pepper will lower it 30%. The question is how much can you add and just get a little zing. This stuff is like tobasco sauce. Beware.

Next, I find dried parsley containers for a buck or two so I buy a few on sale, etc. and throw in the whole container. (conidment size.)

I mix all these conditments in a bowl and add them to the mixture all at once.

You might want to do some samples and do the taste test.

Now my main stay is sunflower seeds for additive. These tend to go up in the blender grinding so set them out for as much sun drying as you can get (use cookie sheet). Also occasionally find pumpkin seeds. Nuts are the same problem. Hard to get them dry enough not to goo up in the blender.

I use walnuts, Hazel nuts, every nut you can thing of from time to time, almonds, everything except no peanuts or cashews.

Yes, I use a lot of nuts. Have never used cranberries because I never had any. Never used raisins for same reason. They would really have to be dried to a powder.

You can buy pre dried apples, apricots, etc. You have to dry them some more, but they are really too much sugar for a diabetic but I throw in a small amount of dried apples anyway, since I figure they are a tiny percentage of the blend. Even put in some dried bananas once. (not much)

Just started the honey thing so not experienced but think this time will try mixing it with semi heated fat…(coconut oil) Maybe ten tablespoons in my 30 meal mix. Not after sweetening at all… I am after the trace elements in honey, and this should be in such a slow digesting (lots of fat) that it won’t affect a thing.

My preference is coconut oil, which I buy at the organic type grocery. (expensive) beef tallow is basically made from fat trimmings which is almost free from your butcher, (inexpensive), and I will let you read up elsewhere how to boil that down, to liquid tallow, since I have not done it.

In our issue 15 our of newspaper,, we decided to run other peoples versions of Pemmican making, etc. so you have a more rounded view. This is not a new invention. The Indians on the western plains were I grew up, lived on Buffalo and lived on Pemmican the whole winter that they made almost entirely from Buffalo meat and fat. They were a very healthy group until the government herded them off into reservations and made them live on western type processed food. They have the same health problems now we have. In fact, the Pima indians have the highest percentage of diabetics in the world, over 50%. No diabetes to number one and the experts say no one knows what causes diabetes.

As far as meat is concerned, I always dry a little chicken liver or beef liver and add that… if have some available. Yes, I always try to use grass fed beef as the main stay, but any beef with no fat will work, have your butcher run it through his meat slicer for you. 1/8 inch thick.

Do you put this stuff in the refigerator? Not necessary, but no harm. Should last for years as is.

My dogs are familiar with dried dog food, (commericial dog food is cooked first then dried), but I have not tried making pemmican for them, but it is a consideration. Main stay for them now is raw cut up chicken.

Now, I love Pemmican on the airplane, 15 hour flight and they feed you three times. But Pemmican allows me to eat every two hours. Overseas it is indeed freedom food, cause I do not have the hassle or concern what am I going to find to eat. We are going to Turkey in June and I will take 18 meals of Pemmican along (about like two small computer keyboards size wise). For 18 days. Assume I will find food that works for me much of the time, this is augmentation between meals and emergency back up.

After you have read this, I think you will understand why it is hard to buy Pemmican and get what you want. Some is made, I understand, from the beef jerky that has this huge list of the wrong chemical ingrediants. The key is ingrediants not heated over 118 degrees in the drying process.