Diabetes Medication, “Bet Your Life.”

All Diabetes Prescription Drugs Have NEGATIVE Side Effects.

300 Million $ Government Studies Figures Released Show Medication Users Die Earlier

Metformin, One Of the Most Popular U.S. Diabetes Medications Considered Safest and Was Large In Both Studies Shows Many Side Effects. Here is one…..side effect very partial listing…

Metformin, the most common prescribed drug (over 70%) was banned for a year but reinstated when found to be no worse dangerous side effects then of other already “Approved” diabetes drugs. Usually touted as the “safest” diabetes drug.

Here are short version (about 10%) of some side effects in a summary.

Metformin The downside risk is increased digestive problems. It can impair kidney and liver function and cause lactic acid buildup in the blood which can be fatal. It also decreases B-12 absorption which can lead to a long list of problems, including elevated homo cysteine levels and it can increase your chances of dying from cardiovascular problems by 250%.

There are pages of Metformin problems if you need more. Of big concern is its recent exposure of worsening or even setting off neuropathy in diabetics by suppressing B Vitamins. Our latest article on subject here. Metformin Causing/Neuropathy Danger…

Newest Most publicised most popular FDA Approved Diabetic Drugs were donated to the Government studies, such as the $300 a mo. Avandia, now shown to Increase risk of heart attack 40%, heart Failure ,60% Overall Death, 30%. Study authorities, claim that the Avandia was in the study but was not a factor in study figures..

This drug long since banned in Europe, and other countries. The FDA has allowed diabetes drugs to remain on sale even when as many as 50,000 alleged early diabetic deaths, claimed by their own agents.

The uncanny part is most of these expensive, approved for sale by FDA drugs, but never the less dangerous, do little more for your diabetes blood sugar figures then a 3 cent table spoonful of apple cider vinegar. (with none of the side effects). Hippocrates, considered it a medicine and it and dozens of similar substances that beat out drugs, are NOT patentable. You wont hear about them to control your diabetes and high blood sugar.

They are NOT where the money is………..