What All Have That Live To Be 100.

Not Exercise, Not A Good Diet, Not Low Stress, Not a Thin Body. (All helps)

What Did They All Have to Have to Make it To 100?

A good Diet? Regular Exercise? Watching your Weight? Controlling Stress? Sound Sleep?

All those recommended practices and diets you heard for years, are certainly beneficial.

But they’re NOT nearly as important or crucial as ……Low Insulin Levels, (tied in and resulting from low sugar levels.)

They all had low Insulin levels without exception.

To merely survive as a diabetic you must end high damaging blood sugar and the resulting high insulin levels which are what kill you early.

To live to a ripe old age you must be promptly 100% controlling your blood sugar and you will have as result low insulin levels..

It is the only thing you will find all centurions have in common. Low insulin levels.

Research from across the entire medical community reveals and confirms that this is the #1 factor for good health and long life. Here’s why…

High blood sugar and the resulting high insulin levels your body makes to try to control sugar is linked to every serious degenerative disease on today’s Top 10 Killers list.

85% of Americans now Die of these diseases that where almost unheard of in 1900.

It’s a fact: Excess blood sugar and the resulting high insulin damages every important organ in your body.

The problem has exploded with new man made foods and processing particularly since 1950.

Just eating less sugar won’t save or protect you!

That’s because so many hidden sugars and sweeteners are being added to all our foods today– even the ones that aren’t “sweet.”

The average American is eating 145 annually of sugar of which 87 pounds is high fructose corn syrup, last figure from many years ago and % has greatly increased since.

But there’s an even bigger problem which most people aren’t even aware of…

Many carb and non carb foods spike your blood sugar– even when you believe they contain no sweeteners!

These surprise hidden carbs become blood glucose just as rapidly as if you ate pure table sugar!

Did you know that many groceries sources, restaurant chains, are even adding High fructose corn syrup, non sweet foods, adding as filler, extender, to many staples, even hamburger.

They buy high fructose corn syrup by the barrel at 25 cents a pound. Government subsidized. Add it to everything they can that sells for more then 25 cents a pound.

No amount of diet-and/or-exercise just isn’t enough to neutralize the hidden threat — especially as you get older and are diabetic and/or obese.. You think you are okay because you read labels. Meat departments and restaurants do not provide labels.

Most employees are unaware of what’s in what you are buying and have no way of knowing for sure

If you want to really control your health, you’ve got to… be very concerned about where you are obtaining your food.

Getting absolute control of your blood sugar immediately is life of death for a diabetic.

But it never has been easy, now it is difficult even for an expert. because… of what is going on with food.

You can no longer be sure if every food product you buy is blood sugar “safe.”

You likely just want a treat — or a break from the straight and narrow……. We are telling you it is risky at best and suggest you get on an established food source that is reliable and that works and despite many temptations, vary little from it.

Your control of your blood sugar if you stay on a constant reliable source does not need constant every few hours or days even testing your blood sugar.

Your control is KNOWING absolutely what you are inputting. For example, did you know that ketchup has more high fructose corn syrup, then ice cream, That French fries raise your blood sugar faster then sugar right out of the sugar bowl.

Did you know that all foods that are toxic or considered poisons by the body are processed only thru the liver?

Did you know that sugar goes into your blood stream naturally in moments.

That high fructose corn syrup is processed like alcohol or any other toxins thru your liver and can take hours.

That your liver has limitations (like alcohol) of how much it can safely handle daily.

That high fructose corn syrup is almost handled the same by your body as alcohol (ethanol) but without the buzz.

Did you know that you get dangerous fatty liver from high fructose corn syrup and is the same deposit of stomach fat referred to as a beer belly.

Did you know that the department of Agricultures own laboratory before release of high fructose corn syrup to the public found among other things that rats fed high fructose corn syrup ate their young and for many reasons they recommended that high fructose corn syrup NOT be released for human consumption.

That the department of Agriculture with huge corn surplus at the time released it anyway as a method of unloading some of the surplus corn.

That the government artificially sets (freezes) the price of regular sugar high and high fructose corn syrup at half the price, so all soft drink manufacturers dropped sugar and use almost nothing but high fructose corn syrup.

Other countries have totally banned it.

At the current subsidized 25 cents a pound nearly all in the food business are adding it to everything because their competitors are and will undersell them if they do not.

You likely think you are avoiding high fructose corn syrup, and or even trans fat. (artificially processed hydrogenated fats that do not spoil for two weeks). Food processors and chain restaurants all are now forced to use both to compete because their competitors are using it with an unfair price advantage.

Those same people are forced to use MSG, monosodium glutamate, the inexpensive chemical that alters the way your mind processes taste, it is very inexpensive and your competitor is adding it to everything and their warmed over two week old factory prepared food tastes better than your fresh, then you too have to use MSG to compete. It is that simple.

It is now to the point, nearly all food industry now use these because they are forced to do so to compete.

When you buy chicken salad from the deli of one the big places (not sam club but like Sam’s club) you will find it is absolutely delicious and everybody likes it so well they buy some every week it is almost habit forming……actually it is ……habit forming.

Sugar and high fructose corn syrup are addictive. One of the main ingredients is high fructose corn syrup at 25 cents a pound, resells as chicken salad, for over $2.00 a pound. High fructose corn syrup, unlike sugar, does not shut down your normal “I have eaten enough,” the “full” indicator like other food, so you eat more of it, cannot stop, and yes it is more addictive then cocaine.

Now if you want regular customers building up a huge business in chicken salad, you add high fructose corn syrup and to make it absolutely delicious or seem so not just being super sweet, you add two cents worth of MSG.

Now it tastes absolutely delicious, and you almost cannot get enough of eating it.

You absolutely will buy some more next time you are in the store. Oh, we “just love their chicken salad.”

Everybody in the business is doing it so why would one food business not do it when this is the formula for success in the food business.

Would be foolish not to and you won?t compete with others that are doing it, so you have to do it to compete. As a customer does not be so sure “my source does not do this to food.”

Now an obese person or a diabetic or the general public are not aware of this. They think they are avoiding high fructose corn syrup and MSG, and Trans fat.

You think you are controlling your diabetes or obesity by controlling your diet.

You probably only THINK you are……… Eating regular sugar right out of the sugar bowl straight is better than this.

Your body can cope to a degree as a diabetic with sugar. High Fructose corn syrup is treated by the body as a foreign toxic substance and is therefore processed thru the liver that handles whatever it considers a poison. You have a limited ability to handle this type of poison. Ask the alcoholic.