Diabetic, Hazards of Eating Out

Almost Every Chain Restaurant Uses Quantities of Trans Fats, (hydrogenated) MSG and High Fructose Corn Syrup. Trans Fats are Used because Food can Be Prepared Weeks in advance in Factory Kitchens, Stays edible for two weeks when trucked into the Restaurants To merely “Warm Up and Serve”. You think they just prepared it from scratch. […]

Diet Fix For Diabetic Depression

Depression Leads to Poor Lifestyle. Even Worse Eating, Cutting Exercise, Smoking and Weight Gain Which Is It, Diabetes Causes Depression or Depression Causes Diabetes? Both: Statistics Show Those Depressed More Likely To Get Diabetes, Those Diabetic More Likely To Be Depressed Developing Diabetes and Diabetic complications and associated health problems, understandably brings on depression. Depression […]