Defining A “Cure” For Diabetes

See Our Definition Below, Here is the Merriam Webster Dictionary Definition: The word “Cure”: Something that corrects or counteracts something undesirable. Synonyms corrective, remedy A Cure Is “Stopping” Diabetes Further Body Damage Do It Yourself, Nobody Can Do a Diabetes Cure For You, Sorry 80% Of What You Eat Is Refined and Processed Food, Adopting […]

Newly Diagnosed Diabetic, 4 Choices

Some Diabetics Foolishly Think, “Just Take Your Medication, and You Will Be Fine” Do Not Let Anyone Make This Diabetes Decision For You You Are Dealing With Your Life, UNDERSTAND What Is At Stake. Newly Diagnosed Diabetic…..Has 4 Choices Option 1 Go Under Doctors care, Continue Eating as usual with only a slightly Modified diet. […]