Diabetes Cure 101 - Diabetes cure-treatment, Is a Do it Yourself Fix

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Why High Blood Sugar Problem Progresses With Age.

"Diabetic Must Read", What Kills You Early and Get Off Medication

Why Diabetics Have to Take Charge ?


Diabetes Cure Is Learned-Practiced. 3 Word Project.

Controlling Diabetes Is "Do It Yourself"
No Two Ways.... This is what you need to know and REMEMBER and "Self Enforce".
The rest is = Diabetes Cure history, if Succeed In "Controlling Your Own Life" with these three words.


What Is Diabetes, A Disease You Catch, Inherit, A Plague, A Damnation?

What Did I Do To Deserve Diabetes?

Understanding What Makes Diabetes Develop and You Understand the Fix,
Same Three Words.

Self Enforce The 3 Words,
You Have "Controlled Diabetes".

Diabetes IS NOT.....

  • Did Not Catch It

  • Did Not Inherit It

  • Not From Being A Gluten

  • Not bad genes

  • Not From Eating Sugar,

  • Not Lack of Exercise

  • Not Some Inadequacies By Your Maker

  • Not From Being Obese

  • Not From Being a Couch Potato

  • Not from body stopping insulin production.

  • Not From Pancreas Failure.

Summarized 6 years of reading and Diabetes Study, solid research, to just 3 words,

Rest of "3 Important Words" Article,: Read The Entire Story Here


Must See Government Caused Epidemic.


Luckily Diabetes/ Obesity Surfaced First

Conventional Treatment Does NOT Deal With Whole Cause.

It took me six years of research and looking for the basis of the disease, to understand fully what brings it on, how it all ties together.

It became apparent early on, if I can really understand the cause then I have gone a long way towards the fix. Then it became apparent fairly recently it is all one cause and basically all one fix.

The medical athorities claim no one knows what causes the diabetes, but after I watch Weston Prices scientifically documented studies from the thirties, I thought thats pretty lame, obvious as the nose on your face.

They not only had the cause of diabetes proven, in the thirties, they had doped out the fix that was used to make you a survivor, and worked just fine before insulin.

Three years ago an American University did a study of the 30's diabetes treatment before artificial insulin fix showed up, and it still worked just fine. Read More

evolution of man

Reason-Explanation For Your Diabetes: Obvious

Continuing It, With Pills, = Early Demise: Your Option

You have within your brain an automated (totally automatic) section that regulates the amount of blood sugar in your blood stream. It measures what is in the blood stream and arriving from digestion, and when high sugar peaks arrive from current western diets, (refined sugar, starch etc) it turned on whatever amount of insulin necessary to get it down to safe levels and keep you from literally drowning in high glucose levels.

These high insulin levels called up, forced this huge over run of blood sugar into muscles, because your liver (your sugar gas tank) has very limited capacity to absorb over supply.

As you age you lose your muscle mass 1% a year after 40 and if you have turned some of the muscle cells into fat cells, (now lost to sugar storage) soon your storage area is inadequate, to handle sugar peaks, you no longer have a large enough "High Sugar dump."

For 2 million years, sugar was scarce and man sorted out a little sugar mixed with much fiber, resulting 2 hour digestion process put sugar into the blood stream very slowly.

Refined sugar is in your blood stream in as little as three minutes. (huge peaks) Read More

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