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1950 on…Human Body Increasingly Insulated From Natural Electrical Earth Grounding…..

Diabetes Is A Degenerative Disease, One Of About 20 Such Main Stream Killers, All Affected By Natural Earth Grounding Of Your Body

If born in 1870 your chances of dying of cancer 1 in 33. born 1970, 1 in 3. This is an example in the increase of degenerative /disease such as cancer. Born in 1870 chances of dying of infection, 1 in 2, 1970, 1 in 100. (according to healthyliving .org.) Born in 1870 chances of dying of heart attack 1 in 7. Born 1970 1 in 2.

19 out of 20, currently, according to them, will currently die from of some degenerative disease.

We note that there are about 20 slow killer degenerative diseases. In 1900, many Doctors had never seen a case of diabetes, a degenerative disease.

Degenerative disease deaths are slow and most involve inflammation, in other words, your body immune system is involved in killing itself slowly, by attacking its own cells, (inadvertently) the mystery: what is the body “do it yourself mistake” and why was this happening now, what have we done?

This has been a great mystery, as to why this has come about and all sorts of theory’s are afloat. Attempts to stop it have been less than effective.

Recent discovery, the loss of natural foot to earth connection, an electrical contact with mother earth, recently discovered by Clint Ober, as now insulated, this makes sense, increases in the onset of degenerative disease match (such as diabetes in the graph) with loss of earth contact starting in 1900. The start of when people essentially stopped sleeping on dirt floors on animal skins (they conduct electriciy) and has exploded with insulating shoe soles starting in 1950. Matching of the rise in degenerative disease almost exactly, (see diabetes graph) diabetes increase, which matches most other degenerative disease rise.

Best of all, direct evidence that this correcting of the current lack of grounding seems to end much of this inflammation connected degenerative disease symptoms within 24 hours when put into practice and natural earth grounding that your body was designed for is resumed. (We note reports are inflammation disease pain seems to disappear and end overnight for about 2/3 of those testing this when natural earth electrical body grounding is resumed full time.)

This will likely become the most revolutionary medical discovery in the century but will take a normal 20 to 30 years for the medical society to recognize it, and put into practice, just as it did for the discovery of the cause and cure for ulcers. Meantime, millions will die earlier then need be, just as happened with ulcer fix discovery, public continuing paying huge amounts for treatments and drugs that only treat symptoms and basically do not work. Several studies are already in. You can wait for more, or use common sense that this is a normal natural set up in human history and evolution and resuming or correcting this change is almost free and can only be beneficial. There is no downside or negative side effect of doing so.

There is no money to be made in suggesting grounding and it likely ends the long term becoming a lifetime patient and doctor getting paid for treating on going symptoms, years and slow death of most degenerative disease, never treat the cause, so you never got better.

Your author is personally “well grounded” physically in practice, (85 and can attest to it works) and has researched the subject for some time. Has no medical expertise but after considerable research and experience, looks on this as essential for your body to heal and maintain itself. It appears by your not being grounded as a result of changes in footwear etc. your body has lost the connerstone of healthy operation, namely the negative ions that flow from earth to all living things, and normally keep your body charged with negative ions that automatically cencel out free radicals etc. You will find your operating system has been under stress, not protected by and timed with natures electrical clock.

Cooperate with your body operating system as designed. Give it back the environmental electrical connection to mother earth that it needs for healthy operation. Learn how and set it up so you have normal earth grounding indoors as well as outdoors.

How To Fix Diabetes – Obesity and Killers

No Pills, No Starving, No Big Exercise

What Has Worked Since the Thirties to Fix Diabetes

Diabetes and/or Obesity and/or Degenerative Killer Diseases

Get these mistaken ideas out of your head…

You have been sold on you that have all these defective things wrong with your body….

And you have doctored all your life for something you were sentenced with or you picked up…. etc.

You Won’t Believe It…but…

You almost certainly Inherited a model body made with an almost perfect Survival System.

Your model body was made to face what 2 million years of ancestors before you faced and survived….. almost perfect ability to do that……

Only thing is you throw stuff at your body and life style, up to 80% your model body was NEVER designed to handle………….

Your body can make you a survivor of almost everything nature can throw at you – that your ancestors had in their world.

But your body can not even handle fully and easily even a fraction of what you are today throwing at it non chalantly, and say it is having all these problems, i must have inherited “bad genes”.

It Does Not Make Mistakes –


When you throw stuff at it that is not on its program of defenses, you throw new stuff at it that your model body has no software to handle.

It accumulates DAMAGE From Modern Man Input.


Lets take smoking…… Your ancestors were never smokers so your ancestors never spent thousands of generations of developing an immunity to smoking. So no survival method of coping with smoking.

You can smoke, but be aware your body has no defensive tools to handle it.

The koala bear is made to and lives only on Eucalyptus leaves -. sits in a tree all days eating those, putting him in a zoo and feed him alfalfa and carrots, he will be dead in weeks. He was never made to eat those.

The Panda bear is made to and lives only on Bamboo shoots – Feed them anything else and they DIE EARLY –

Dogs and cats are made primarily to eat meat, they are carnivorous and made to eat raw food with live enzymes.

Look at what you are feeding them……

Read the label… High temperature cooked mush, that lists as the normally number one ingredient Corn or some other government subsidized grain.

Your dog and cat were not made to eat grain. Zero grain.

That’s okay, you say, the second ingredient is cooked at high temperature to mush Chicken by products. That’s good you think.

Chicken by products are chicken beaks, chicken feet, chicken feathers, chicken guts including what was in them.

You can go down the list, you will find gluten, and a zillion chemicals your dog or cat where never made to eat.

Enough of that, but want you to understand why your pet dies young and winds up at the vet a lot. No matter how much you pay for it, if cooked and is not basically live meat your pet is being short changed on health.

Human Beings Were Made for a Diet adapted over hundreds of thousands of years.

Like animals, Feed man anything not on the adopted list, it damages your system. JUST LIKE THE KOALA AND PANDA leads to early death.

or your cat and dog…… I point this out because you can likely start to see this a little bit when I tell you over and over,,,,,

it is most likely, never was anything ever defective about you, your body became defective and developed problems because of what you did to your body, just like you did to your dog and cat.

Likely 85% of what goes in your body today it WAS NEVER DESIGNED FOR – (Try feeding the Koala or Panda 85% of what not designed for. Watch how many illnesses they develop. Damage accumulates and they just like you will DIE EARLY


Tobacco and smoking (example lung and artery irreversible damage

– Distilled Alcohol – (not invented until 400 AD)

-Liver damage etc. irreversible.

-Refined Sugar – Steel Milled Flour – Insulin Resistance non reversible etc. (diabetes) (obesity)

The Above 3 examples are all 3 addictive and you will die early because you are addicted and cannot (or will not) give them up. Sugar is technically considered more addictive then cocaine.

Yes sugar is a natural substance. Indeed a Refined natural substance. So is Cocaine. Both are drugs, both are addictive.

Refined Sugar in powdered white form was imported to Europe and only the rich and influential could afford it. To Be fat was to show you were wealthy. Only those who could afford to be hooked on high priced sugar were fat, the poor were thin.

Sugar has now become so cheap (government subsidized high fructose corn syrup) that it is used to sell and hype up and make all sorts of refined and junk food delicious, Irresistible and now since its the cheap mass market now you have all the poor people fat, the only food they can afford and the only food in many neighborhoods the only food sold because it is high margin. Where the money is.

Some of the damage in the above is “irreversible,” but not all.

Dairy – Potatoes, Wheat and isolated glutens grain, Corn, Soy, Rice, tomatoes, Your Body has NO adaptation to handle these “lately” diet additions. It will consider many of these “foreign.” Substances, a threat to your survival and will mount massive defense against them (different ones in different people) and the degenerative diseases (so called) INFLAMMATION, that causes, inadvertently eventually kills you

Most of all; Man Made: oils – Fats

Examples corn oil – margarine, trans fat, sugars:

Example high fructose corn syrup. Flavor enhancing – example MSG – (monosodium glutamate)

Coloring Flavors, pesticides, cleaning solvents, mercury, hormones, etc.

Chemical Drugs – across the counter and prescription – ALL have side effects on the body, most effects unknown

May Be The BIGGEST KILLER of all –

The 20 to 1 Wrong Fat Ratio

This occurs almost exclusively in US, Now 46th – in life expectancy in industrialized nations.

This Wrong Fat Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio is likely one of the biggest leading to premature death in the United States and public almost totally unaware of this.

Reason: Factory raised animals. stuffed with grain, (made to eat grass etc not grain)(corn is subsidized and stuffed, forced fed to animals never made to eat this stuff.)

These grain fed animals if taken as calf from grass raised, and fatten on corn, in 120 days they go from mostly an Omega 3 fats animal to an almost exclusively Omega 6 fats, the kind you were made to handle only a small amount.

This happens primarily in the United States, the rest of the world much of their meats are traditional grass raised as they have a body designed for.

This also happens with eggs and other animals derived food values, and happens mostly in the U.S.

The US government corn subsides makes grain so cheap 95% of American meat and eggs have been switched from range (grass) raised to confined indoor for factory chemical, hormones and corn force fed animals.

Result – Meat and eggs only in the US, are Omega 6 fats are now 20 to 1, to Omega 3. Man was made to operate on 1 Omega 3 to 1 Omega 6 fat ratio – Result – US health DISASTER – (this extreme fat ratio change has developed over the last 30 years solely due to the US government corn subsidy.)

Chemical drug input likely the biggest killer contributors. Colorings, Flavorings, Taste enhancing chemicals. Prescriptions, across the counter drugs, preservatives, etc.

High fructose corn syrup (government subsidized,) (25 cents a pound added to everything, even hamburger as filler)number one hazard for diabetics. This is NOT handled like regular sugar. It does not go directly into your blood stream in a rush, it has to go thru liver processing which is another long story you do not want to go there. Most of it you eat you are totally unaware you ate it. It does almost the same thing to your liver alcohol does in your liver. The belly fat you get is the same as the beer belly you get from beer.

How To Add Back and Make 15 Great Years When You Figure out What is Causing a Problem,

Simple Solution to Fix the Problem –

Simply STOP doing what is causing it.

Difference here….medical treatment is they tell you that you can keep right on as usual, just take these handy pills and you will be fine. You like to heat that.

Here you KNOW what is causing your health problem and self destruction. (if not sure we will refer you to backing research, studies, articles, etc?)

We hit your over the head with this, because we are not going to be there to help you out. This is 100% your life project. You cannot hire it done.

To keep doing the same thing and keep expecting a different result is the Definition of “Insanity”. We tell you that every minute or bytes count. Do not wait another day. CHANGE.

We are totally aware that like the rest of us former modern food addicts, what you have been doing recently and what you have been doing for likely fifty years and you will find it almost impossible to stop. That’s another whole story and we take that up under addiction. not our subject here today..

Biggest problem here is that after a few months your health is going so well and much improved that you think since your life and health is so back to normal you should be able to just go off this for a short bit and enjoy the old life for a bit. You are sure you have everything under control.

You may have your health under control but like the alcoholic, you are on the new regimen of health diet for life. Decide that right off, this is for life. This is a commitment to you, no one else.

You understand, if you are a smoker, that quitting now will not undo the damage accumulation that has already happened. (your body may recoup some of the damage, but not all).

If you have been on a refined sugar – steel milled flour diet for years (or life), you have already accumulated “damage” and quitting now will not undo all of the damage, but can put a halt on further progression. If you have been on gluten, dairy and other “Modern” man diets you likely have prevented full absorption of many nutrients and you are likely suffering from illnesses resulting from nutrient deficiency. As a result, you will see change in your overall health you never expected.

Any of the Modern Man Diet or chemicals such as prescriptions can set of Silent Inflammation, ( your body attacking some substances something trying to make you a “survivor”).

This Inflammation is the Key to “degenerative diseases” that cause you “to Self Destruct”. (82% of deaths in US) the main inflammation cause will be sugar and high insulin resulting. STOP ALL “MODERN” INPUT – IMMEDIATELY –

(eat all you want, no starving – just input only what your body is designed for – range raised meats etc.)

The trick here is to learn what you were designed for. We call it your ancestors diet, what your particular ancestors likely ate 1,000 years ago.

Once on it …..

Within weeks your body will:

  • Lower your triglycerides
  • Lessen or eliminate aches or pains
  • Start losing – several pounds weekly
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Stop hardening of your arteries and improve mental abilities
  • Double your energy
  • Lower your cholesterol if your body thinks or up it if thinks that’s needed and appropriate
  • Lower your blood sugar
  • Lower your damaging insulin levels

Your body fat will disappear automatically without you making an effort and without working at it.

On the road to adding back 15 to 20 years, and they need not be “junk” years like the last five years of under medical treatment “chemical survival” that many of your friends have opted for..

This extra added back 15 years can be the greatest years of your life. Harvest time.

Understanding Diabetes Part One

Every Day Studies Verify and Disclose New Findings On The Evolution of The Diabetes Epidemic, (and the Fix).

Reason-Explanation For Your Diabetes: Obvious

Continuing It, With Pills, = Early Demise: Your Option

You have within your brain an automated (totally automatic) section that regulates the amount of blood sugar in your blood stream. It measures what is in the blood stream and arriving from digestion, and when high sugar peaks arrive from current western diets, (refined sugar, starch etc) it turned on whatever amount of insulin necessary to get it down to safe levels and keep you from literally drowning in high glucose levels.

These high insulin levels called up, forced this huge over run of blood sugar into muscles, because your liver (your sugar gas tank) has very limited capacity to absorb over supply.

As you age you lose your muscle mass 1% a year after 40 and if you have turned some of the muscle cells into fat cells, (now lost to sugar storage) soon your storage area is inadequate, to handle sugar peaks, you no longer have a large enough “High Sugar dump.”

For 2 million years, sugar was scarce and man sorted out a little sugar mixed with much fiber, resulting 2 hour digestion process put sugar into the blood stream very slowly.

Refined sugar is in your blood stream in as little as three minutes. (huge peaks)

Insulin was primarily a fat making hormone that forced extra sugar in the diet during summer high sugar season into making some fat cells to help you make it through the winter.

Even fruit and berries, the high sugar summer food, (1900) were 1/5 the sugar that berries and fruit bred up in sweetness for the super market trade are today.

Here, you have been producing HIGH insulin year around to suppress dangerously high blood sugar levels from fast digesting refined food sugar peaks.

It is this almost continuous HIGH insulin that has been doing your body damage, (the villian) and contributing to early demise degenerative, “do it to yourself” diseases.

When your dangerously high insulin levels no longer tolerable, because you no longer have adequate high sugar dump facilities to dispose of emergency high sugar levels enough to control them, then they say you have “diabetes.”

The medical society standard treatment is to give you medications to let you keep doing the modern day high sugar flour diet, which means fast digestion sugar peaks that got you into trouble, they attempt to control by slowing down your digestion with man made chemicals.

Most of these drugs have side effects as damaging as the high sugar, many leading to early death and several government studies where stopped when this became apparent.

In addition to man made chemicals to slow the digestion process etc they actually give you chemicals to force your pancreas, already often making four times the normal insulin levels into making even higher levels. ( as much as seven times normal)

Soon your pancreas starts to give out and they advance you to stronger and stronger “hype and ramp up your pancreas even more” medication.

When all this no longer works, and your pancreas collapses, (which it will under that kind of stress) they put you on man made insulin shots for the rest of your life.

We have a copy (advice to specialists) of the medical procedure of escalating drugs, needed,, how long before it is you are needing to advance to more powerful drugs, and then how long before you can expect to switch the patient on to insulin shots.

This was not supposed to be in our hands.

All of this high insulin needed to control blood sugar levels when you keep eating refined sugar and starches, causes you to die quite often early of heart damage etc. about 80% of the causes for U.S. deaths.

Most of these (such as heart attacks, cancer, etc) (even diabetes) were almost unheard at the turn of the century. (1900) (Before the high sugar, high fructose, steel milled flour, man made chemicals diet.)

You own doctor will confirm and tell you, that with standard medical treatment on your diabetes, you can expect a 15 year loss of life expectancy.

Before the advent of man made insulin, the treatment and control of diabetes was to eliminate foods from your diet that cause sugar peaks and the need for insulin.

A re-testing of this method, recent studies show still works and does NOT have the side effects of man made drugs, every one of which has serious side effects,

You do NOT get caught up in the ever increasing drug spiral higher and higher insulin levels and eventually leading to augmenting with man made high insulin level shots. (and early demise)

But they did let you stay on your ‘sugar-a-holic addiction.” They say that’s what you are going to do…any way….so they have to help you survive that as long as they can.

Besides, its the only way to get you out of the office in 15 minutes, write you another more powerful prescription.

Early demise, definition: means going to the cemetery way earlier than you would have otherwise.

Diabetics: A “Must” Supplement to keep on Hand.

Pycnogenol, Most Studied Supplement Ever

Understand What Causes Mental Decline as You Age, Compensate.

It is the one supplement that improves everything and I insist every diabetic know about it… Down side is it costs you about a buck a day or more but that’s better than the alternative sometimes.

I call this the diabetic “keep this on hand at least…”supplement. So when you are in trouble, something is not working or in my case I consider a toe puncture, cut or scrape in foot or leg area etc that is likely going to take some time as a diabetic to heal up. To me that is big potential trouble as a neuropathy diabetic.

This is my one serious diabetes test is how fast I heal up. At the height of my medication diabetes on for six months etc I would take six months to heal up totally, a simple cut or scrape.

Now I can heal up a bad one in a bit longer then a non diabetic but not much longer.

Probably because if not healing up right away I found if I take Pycnogenol it heals up almost right away. Was in South America and got banged up, cut some shin or something that was not healing up and I looked all over for Pycnogenol and a few days before going home we found it but they wanted over a hundred dollars for it.

Told em to keep it, was going home in a few days and it was not fatal.

But if your blood sugar needs help or anything at all take “Pycnogenol.” Will tell you the whole story one day on this substance. Only one doctor that has his own non medication type fix for diabetes has it on his “must” list for diabetics, his clients are in a very high income area…

Studies show it does drastically lower your blood sugar. (study done by University of Arizona. No known side effects.

Never hear others even mention it. But this Dr. has it on his every diabetic “must take it list.”

Think he is like me, he recommends it because of personal experience and knows it works.

Other safe consideration, there is not a single supplement that has all the studies this substance has. Every study they pay a different university to do, has come back successful. (hundreds) I Read these new studies every month and latest one was it helps stop Tendonitis , (ringing in your ears) of all things. Whatever the study it always works. (most studied substance on the market, so keep it on hand so when you have something in trouble, immediately start taking it..

Even if it has nothing to do with diabetes.

No I Have no connection with this outfit, I just tell you because you won’t survive something because you do not know about the fix. This is a fix in my case for healing up things that won’t heal up promptly for a diabetic.

In case you are not familiar, almost all foot and leg amputations started out as a small injury on a foot or leg that would not heal.

Heard of one example, guy was in hospital for four months for toe injury, absolutely would not heal. Had over a $100,000 hospital bill, and wound up losing two toes with nearly $50k more in amputation -hospitalization. Was a typical Medication type treatment patient.

Now you know why the Diabetes Association says the typical diabetes patient is worth more than $14,000 annually to the medical profession.

This article and substance, Pycgnogenol, can mean life or death to a diabetic that is in trouble and something on an extremity won’t heal.

Therefore when I tell you I really watch how long an injury takes to heal up, I consider that is my “normalcy” test.

If heal up my scratched bleeding arm completely in a little over a week, when my dog scratch’s me, then I can figure my diabetes is under control and diabetes is still history and all is well.

Worse case was, it was taking six months to heal up scabs etc.

What All Have That Live To Be 100.

Not Exercise, Not A Good Diet, Not Low Stress, Not a Thin Body. (All helps)

What Did They All Have to Have to Make it To 100?

A good Diet? Regular Exercise? Watching your Weight? Controlling Stress? Sound Sleep?

All those recommended practices and diets you heard for years, are certainly beneficial.

But they’re NOT nearly as important or crucial as ……Low Insulin Levels, (tied in and resulting from low sugar levels.)

They all had low Insulin levels without exception.

To merely survive as a diabetic you must end high damaging blood sugar and the resulting high insulin levels which are what kill you early.

To live to a ripe old age you must be promptly 100% controlling your blood sugar and you will have as result low insulin levels..

It is the only thing you will find all centurions have in common. Low insulin levels.

Research from across the entire medical community reveals and confirms that this is the #1 factor for good health and long life. Here’s why…

High blood sugar and the resulting high insulin levels your body makes to try to control sugar is linked to every serious degenerative disease on today’s Top 10 Killers list.

85% of Americans now Die of these diseases that where almost unheard of in 1900.

It’s a fact: Excess blood sugar and the resulting high insulin damages every important organ in your body.

The problem has exploded with new man made foods and processing particularly since 1950.

Just eating less sugar won’t save or protect you!

That’s because so many hidden sugars and sweeteners are being added to all our foods today– even the ones that aren’t “sweet.”

The average American is eating 145 annually of sugar of which 87 pounds is high fructose corn syrup, last figure from many years ago and % has greatly increased since.

But there’s an even bigger problem which most people aren’t even aware of…

Many carb and non carb foods spike your blood sugar– even when you believe they contain no sweeteners!

These surprise hidden carbs become blood glucose just as rapidly as if you ate pure table sugar!

Did you know that many groceries sources, restaurant chains, are even adding High fructose corn syrup, non sweet foods, adding as filler, extender, to many staples, even hamburger.

They buy high fructose corn syrup by the barrel at 25 cents a pound. Government subsidized. Add it to everything they can that sells for more then 25 cents a pound.

No amount of diet-and/or-exercise just isn’t enough to neutralize the hidden threat — especially as you get older and are diabetic and/or obese.. You think you are okay because you read labels. Meat departments and restaurants do not provide labels.

Most employees are unaware of what’s in what you are buying and have no way of knowing for sure

If you want to really control your health, you’ve got to… be very concerned about where you are obtaining your food.

Getting absolute control of your blood sugar immediately is life of death for a diabetic.

But it never has been easy, now it is difficult even for an expert. because… of what is going on with food.

You can no longer be sure if every food product you buy is blood sugar “safe.”

You likely just want a treat — or a break from the straight and narrow……. We are telling you it is risky at best and suggest you get on an established food source that is reliable and that works and despite many temptations, vary little from it.

Your control of your blood sugar if you stay on a constant reliable source does not need constant every few hours or days even testing your blood sugar.

Your control is KNOWING absolutely what you are inputting. For example, did you know that ketchup has more high fructose corn syrup, then ice cream, That French fries raise your blood sugar faster then sugar right out of the sugar bowl.

Did you know that all foods that are toxic or considered poisons by the body are processed only thru the liver?

Did you know that sugar goes into your blood stream naturally in moments.

That high fructose corn syrup is processed like alcohol or any other toxins thru your liver and can take hours.

That your liver has limitations (like alcohol) of how much it can safely handle daily.

That high fructose corn syrup is almost handled the same by your body as alcohol (ethanol) but without the buzz.

Did you know that you get dangerous fatty liver from high fructose corn syrup and is the same deposit of stomach fat referred to as a beer belly.

Did you know that the department of Agricultures own laboratory before release of high fructose corn syrup to the public found among other things that rats fed high fructose corn syrup ate their young and for many reasons they recommended that high fructose corn syrup NOT be released for human consumption.

That the department of Agriculture with huge corn surplus at the time released it anyway as a method of unloading some of the surplus corn.

That the government artificially sets (freezes) the price of regular sugar high and high fructose corn syrup at half the price, so all soft drink manufacturers dropped sugar and use almost nothing but high fructose corn syrup.

Other countries have totally banned it.

At the current subsidized 25 cents a pound nearly all in the food business are adding it to everything because their competitors are and will undersell them if they do not.

You likely think you are avoiding high fructose corn syrup, and or even trans fat. (artificially processed hydrogenated fats that do not spoil for two weeks). Food processors and chain restaurants all are now forced to use both to compete because their competitors are using it with an unfair price advantage.

Those same people are forced to use MSG, monosodium glutamate, the inexpensive chemical that alters the way your mind processes taste, it is very inexpensive and your competitor is adding it to everything and their warmed over two week old factory prepared food tastes better than your fresh, then you too have to use MSG to compete. It is that simple.

It is now to the point, nearly all food industry now use these because they are forced to do so to compete.

When you buy chicken salad from the deli of one the big places (not sam club but like Sam’s club) you will find it is absolutely delicious and everybody likes it so well they buy some every week it is almost habit forming……actually it is ……habit forming.

Sugar and high fructose corn syrup are addictive. One of the main ingredients is high fructose corn syrup at 25 cents a pound, resells as chicken salad, for over $2.00 a pound. High fructose corn syrup, unlike sugar, does not shut down your normal “I have eaten enough,” the “full” indicator like other food, so you eat more of it, cannot stop, and yes it is more addictive then cocaine.

Now if you want regular customers building up a huge business in chicken salad, you add high fructose corn syrup and to make it absolutely delicious or seem so not just being super sweet, you add two cents worth of MSG.

Now it tastes absolutely delicious, and you almost cannot get enough of eating it.

You absolutely will buy some more next time you are in the store. Oh, we “just love their chicken salad.”

Everybody in the business is doing it so why would one food business not do it when this is the formula for success in the food business.

Would be foolish not to and you won?t compete with others that are doing it, so you have to do it to compete. As a customer does not be so sure “my source does not do this to food.”

Now an obese person or a diabetic or the general public are not aware of this. They think they are avoiding high fructose corn syrup and MSG, and Trans fat.

You think you are controlling your diabetes or obesity by controlling your diet.

You probably only THINK you are……… Eating regular sugar right out of the sugar bowl straight is better than this.

Your body can cope to a degree as a diabetic with sugar. High Fructose corn syrup is treated by the body as a foreign toxic substance and is therefore processed thru the liver that handles whatever it considers a poison. You have a limited ability to handle this type of poison. Ask the alcoholic.

How Light Bulb Messes With Survival

Every Day Studies Verify and Disclose The Light Bulb Was Great Invention But Affects Your Health

Man Went To Much Longer Days, Suddenly.


9 Hours of Sleep Became Seven

Thru Off Standard Body Regulation Of Blood Pressure, Heart Rate Etc By TIme of Day.

Nite Shift Workers Have More Health Problems For Example, Including More Heart Attacks.

Serious Matter Needs Compensation

Body Makes Melatonin To Shift Body and Supplement Helps.

Diabetic Retraining Automatic Survival System Needs Consistent Hours.

Erratic Changing Bedtime Rates Wreak Havoc With Auto Regulating System Being Established.

Number Of Hours of Light Affects What is Known As Circadian Rhythm. Ancestors Bodies Ran On Exact Time Frame, Controlled By Hours of Sun.

Changing sleep hours considerably from one night to the next (result of the light bulb) means irregularity creates a state of perpetual semi-jet-lag. Your bodies automatic rhythms which are our program to appropriately adjust our alertness, blood sugar, blood pressure, etc according to the time of day.

Now with the light bulb we almost totally ignore the time of the day.

First Became aware on the farm, as a kid when shortening of the days told the chickens to stop laying, it was the wrong season to be hatching baby’s.

Farmers overcame this shortening days message to the chickens regulating system by putting automatic on light bulbs to lenthen the Chickens day back to summer length and to start laying as usual.

So if hours of sunlight were running you. (they are) then the light bulb is fooling your survival system into something that isn’t.

Therefore it is to your advantage in getting everything stabilized and under control by your automatic survival system to do everythng by the clock, almost same time all the time.

Circadian Rhythms

Controlled in man regulated by brain cells located in the hypothalamus. Light receptors found in the retina of your eyes report the length of the day and night, Information goes to the pineal gland in the brain, which turns on secretion of the hormone melatonin during percieved nighttime, which melatonin urges you to sleep.

In other words, eat regular times, never after 8, try to go to bed and get up at the same time, approximately with no wild swings and take 300 mg of Melatonin when you go to bed. After 40 your body has almost quit making this hormone.

4 Hours later when you get up to pee take another one. (they are inexpensive)

When you get up in the morning, eat almost right away, etc. Be regular.

Let your survival system know there is a pattern and it is the same time and same thing everyday.

This is how your automatic blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, breathing rate, settles down and stops erratic swings trying to guess what it needs to do next to make you a “survivor” based on controlling your body using your ancestors programming. (which was based on almost consistent day by day, hours of day light programming.)

If you want it settled down go back to consistent. Editors note: Here is another possible effect. The high sugar season is spring summer (also low fat season in spring all animals eaten have lost all fat over winter) Hours of day light tell you this is high sugar season, your body switches to eat long hours, hungry for sugar etc over the long days to put on fat for the winter.

Bears for example in summer eat as much as 20 hours a day, ravishing hunger for anything sweet like berrys turned on by long day light hours in order to drive them to make enough fat from high sugar to get thru the winter.

Here man is running summer season hours all year around (with the light bulb and high sugar input) driving his automatic system to eat in what appears to be perpetual high sugar season to put on fat to get thru the short day light hours winter season ahead which never comes. (light bulb, high sugar and artificially enforced low fat.)_ He keeps getting fatter and fatter and can not figure it out……

Here he is telling his automatic system it is high sugar season, low fat spring, and light hours are long, so now your automatic system makes you ravishly hungry for sweet, and burns no fat, it is saving it for winter ahead, which never comes because you keep feeding your automatic system the wrong input.

My thought here was if you understand it, the fix is obvious. Stop telling your automatic system it is time of year (year around) to make you fat.

Your body is signaled “long hours of light” days, animals eaten are “no fat” (spring.) Input starts to be high sugar, berries etc appearing so it switches to running on sugar and goes into store fat mode, (burns NO fat)

This goes on until shorter days detected, High fat, animals eaten from summer, and frost means sudden end of sugar input, almost no sugar input.

Therefore, your body was signaled to switch back to “Fat Burning”as method of operation.

  1. No more fat making sugar input.
  2. Shorter days,
  3. No sugar input,
  4. High Fat Animals eaten again from gaining fat over high sugar season..

These are signals to your bodies automatic control system.

Therefore, lengthening your day with artificial light and staying up half the night, is one of factors in confusing your bodies automatic control system developed over 2 million years with no light bulb.

Go to bed earlier, Get up earlier. Help compensate for the bulb. No sugar input, Resume High Fat input.

Your automatic body control system will automatically, as a “running on fat person” as designed for, and to be, bring you back to normal “set weight”.

Two Health Considerations, Sun and Gut Bacteria

85% Diabetics Found Short Of “D”

Inexpensive Move, Get Out in The Sun Daily Absolutely
Pay Attention

Two things are becoming very apparent from reading studies, articles, releases and books for years now, all on survivng Diabetes an extra 15 to 20 years.

Most diabetic people are missing a couple of very important items.

One of course is that ample Vitamin D is crucial to Diabetics and surviving the associated degenerative diseases that do in diabetics early.

Turns out that people with adequate Vitamin D in their system wind up with less than half the killer diseases that those with inadequate who are showing up early with multiple health problems.

Now showing up in cancer, and in almost every early killer as a very significant number.

Keep writing about it but cannot get across just to you very well just how important this is. Vitamin D turns out to not be a vitamin at all, misnamed and turns out to be a chief key system regulator.

Now, look at diabetes, people with dark skin make only half or less as much vitamin D in the same time or amount of sun exposure or less.

Blacks and dark skinned folks are showing up with twice the percentage of diabetes as light skinned people. Basic difference making less vitamin D. Now we read figures that say that about 85% of diabetics are vitamin D deficient. Are you short of vitamin D because you are diabetic or are you more likely diabetic because of short of Vitamin D, Betting on the latter.

All these other killer diseases such as strokes, etc with much higher death rate with low vitamin D. It just becomes obvious as all hell, reading these daily for years, that if you want to be a survivor you best start doing what your ancestors did, live some in the sunlight.

Taking vitamin D3 tablets better than nothing but a poor substitute.

Cod liver oil a good start if no sun.
Sun tan parlors better then tablets.

Now if you do what most do, go out in the sun and get all sweaty and then wash off the skin oils with soap and water, you wind up with your body making ZERO vitamin D.

Wash with water after sun exposure, do not use soap for 24 hours because that will remove the skin oils.

Vitamin D is made on surface skin oils. Cholesterol involved, and it takes 24 hours.

So if someone convinced you that you needed to lower your cholesterol and force your body to make less cholesterol by taking statins, then you have added to the problem.

Your body decides how much cholesterol and it makes the exact amount it needs.

You are making your crucial Vitamin D levels worse. Cholesterol is also used as brain food so lowering it is counterproductive there too. You are handicapping yourself there too.

Your body inherited 2 million years of survival smarts. It knows how to make you a survivor, Bet on it. Do not think you or some guy taking your money is smarter in knowing how to make you a survivor than your survival system.

Trust the system you inherited. Those that do are eventually all called “old people”.

Intestinal Gut Bacteria Probiotics, gut biotics or bacteria in your gut, play a tremendous role in your overall health almost entirely unknown to the average American. They have no idea it exists, what it does, or how it works or what you do to help it not harm it. Problems here are problems because you did not cooperate and assist, you worked against it likely because what you been told for a lifetime.

You have been schooled in the anti bacteria, evil bacteria panics, that bacteria are deadly and if you don’t watch carefully they will kill you.

That anything that kills bacteria is a God Send.

True, with epidemics in the past bacteria killed a lot of people, but today, it is a relatively small amount because we are aware of bacteria.

The hyper anti bacteria era, has people still over reacting today causing actions that result in non cooperation with your survival systems best interests.

Inside your normal gut is more bacteria cells than the number of cells in your body.

There are beneficial bacteria and non beneficial bacteria growing in your intestinal system all the time. In addition of special interest to diabetics is yeast or fungal growths that love sugar environments. Friendly bacteria normally keeps these fungal levels in check.

However if you artificially restrict friendly bacteria then you make it possible for fungal or yeast growths to grow unrestricted by the missing friendly bacteria.

For example, if you take an anti biotic.
(we suggest diabetics take anti biotics only in life threatening situations.)

Did you know anti biotics are made from yeast output, that it makes naturally to kill off its enemy, bacteria. This fungus growth yeast makes this anti biotic to kill off the old enemy namely bacteria) so when buy and pay for and you take anti biotics, then you will likely (unless take steps)_ kill off all types of friendly bacteria in your gut that normally keeps fungal or yeast growths in check.

Soon, you have a digestive system entirely taken over by yeast, and you have no idea how or why this has happened until you get strange symptoms you think is part of your diabetes. Unless you work at it, could take you months or years to get your normal gut bacteria back and be rid of digestive and worse, yeast (fungal digestive etc. diabetic body take over attacks.)

So be sure to attempt to avoid anti biotics unless you are in real need and it is crucial.
Just understand the caution.

Remember, most of your problems your body is having are because you as the host in-charge are unknowingly often doing the wrong thing because you are not aware.

Now you are aware of this one. That diabetics high blood sugar levels are a garden for yeast take over and you must be especially aware of and alert to fungal growths and go out of your way to help prevent them by not taking steps that help bring them on.

This can take you weeks to fix to get your digestive system back to normal. One of the ways to tell if your digestive system has been taken over by a fungal or yeast growth is a mucus layer or coating or streaks on your stool deposits.

Therefore we tell diabetics refrain from taking anti biotics unless you have some life of death issues riding on it because you are going to be a long time recovering from this if it gets a hold.

While taking anti biotics, when deemed very necessary, eat a lot of yogurt, take probiotics from your health food store (encapsulated friendly bacteria) and eat any fermented foods you can find. Try to keep some bacteria alive in your gut to control fungal growths from taking over.

Same thing after anti biotics, continue extra effort to regain your old balance.

Every indigenous society ate a fermented food daily. This apparently was important key to their health was this every day entering friendly bacteria to help out do any wrong kind that wandered in.

We are today, dead set on killing bacteria every which way ,including with city chlorinated water, that winds up in our gut unknown to us busy killing many of our friendly bacteria.

We counter this with simple free of cost move, which is let your city water set in metal or glass pitchers for 24 hours before drinking to allow the chlorine to evaporate.

Good idea while doing this is add a half lemon once a day to all your pitchers except the one for green tea. Just squeeze the lemon and distribute among today’s or tomorrows drinking water.

This is real helpful and will get into why do this later. Newest trick is add a quarter teaspoon of baking soda to each pitcher and we will get into that later, but this is something from way back that costs almost nothing and very beneficial.

Been going to explain this one for several issues. This is one of the reasons I have had but one short cold or came down with anything else or missed a day of work in well over seven years. Takes some explaining.

Anyway tending the bacteria in your gut is like tending a garden, you try to keep everything favorable for the best crop.

The bacteria system in your gut is a very big part of your immune system success or failure.

The bacteria in your gut are one of the key sources of vitamin K and actually has, they have decided now, a lot to do with your weight. That almost all extremely heavy people have the wrong type of bacteria in control in their gut.

Some other ailments now have progressed to the point that the realize the type of bacteria are so hard to change in people with problems generated by that, they are actually now doing fecal transplants from people with correct bacteria digestive systems to get the correct established.

Not going into that here but indicates how aware they are becoming of many ailments you cannot really fix unless you fix a mixed up wrong type of gut bacteria in control.

Most common help is eating lots of live yogurt, full fat no additives. Second choice live real sauerkraut or even run down a bottle of cucumber pickles,

Then of course the good all around diet and add taking good probioitics whenever you think warranted.

If concerned about yeast taken control of your digestive system…. look up our simple saliva in a glass of water stringy test.

Hard to get rid of. If you have fungal toe nails you already know that. New study out says there is some basis for why Vics Vapo Rub works after six months or more application on fungal toe nails.

There is no connection between toenail fungal growth and or digestive or anywhere else. The only part of your body not susceptible to fungal growth is your teeth. Diabetics because of high blood sugar have twice the toenail fungal growths than the general public and we mentioned it here because more have it than anywhere else on the body and if you have toe nail fungus, I do not have to tell you that all fungal overgrowths are very difficult to be rid of.

If you have it one place you are just likely to get it other places. Caution: Do not take internal pills for toe nail fungus. All such medications are very harmful to your liver and a diabetic does not need additional liver risk.

Meters, Pills, Shots, = Diabetic Early Exit

Diabetics Need to Learn What Works and Compare With What Studies Show Sends You To Cemetery 6 to 15 Years Early

Diabetics Need The Facts, Major Decision

“Just Take Your Pills As Told, and You Will Be Fine.”

See All Those Diplomas From Treatments Learned Years Ago? Trust Me……

Most Buy In……

Look At Diabetes Medical Record, Diabetes Fund Raisers Since 1945, to Find A Cure


Sixty Five Years Of Medical Diabetes Fund Raising Promises “NOT CURED ONE DIABETIC”


Not Even Slowed Diabetes, Now Doubling Every 12 Years. Diabetics 15 Year Shortened Life Span, Ask your doctor, he will confirm.

Does That Early Death Epidemic Sound Like They are Pushing “What Works” for Diabetics or what works for them?


Reconsider Your Expiration Date. You Can control it. OPTIONAL, dying is easy….

Diabetic Public Starting To Wise Up

Many Courageous Doctors Backing This Message

The standard medical care for diabetes is attempt the lowering of blood sugar with man made chemicals, and disregard nearly all other aspects of diabetes effect and control..

Yet statistics show diabetics die primarily from heart related problems and numerous studies show lowering blood sugar to some targeted low level with medications does not solve that problem, but in fact lowers your life expectancy by about 15 years from most estimates.

Two major government Studies (both over 10,000 participants and both over 4 year studies, )were stopped, ended a year early because of the high death rate of those on the diabetes medications compared to those not.

Three studies particularly, the Accord study, (all over 10k diabetics each over several years.) show that lowering blood sugar with aggressive medication treatments does not lower rates of death, but were stopped because of increased deaths.

A UK study also showed that lowering A1C from an 8 to 7 per cent did not reduce heart attacks.

A similar size Australian study for five years, found no reduction in kidney disease risk and or heart disease risk of those who were given aggressive blood sugar control with medication.

Understand diabetics are listed as four times more likely to die of a heart attack as non diabetics.

The medical protocol emphasis on aggressively lowering blood sugar with medications and ignoring the main issues of diabetes does NOT lower the death rate of diabetics. This has been proven in studies, now, over and over again.

No one wants to admit that the high death rate on those studies with medications to aggressively lower blood sugar, that the high death rate is NOT from lowering the blood sugar, but is from the use of and a side effect of the use of these medications.

The Drug Companies Would Come unglued if a study explaining that Came Out. No Media Would Dare Expose this.

Yet the medical society stay with this standard accepted medication treatments proven as counter productive non working protocol.

Apparently because……….

Writing a prescription is still the only way they have found to get a diabetic out of the office in 15 minutes, convinced he is getting the latest greatest medical care, with some new big name untested drug.

To teach you to take control of your own diabetes requires considerable education.
Insurance companies will NOT pay doctors for educating patients.
Most doctors believe it is too difficult for the patient to do himself, that they are too lazy or undisciplined enough and wouldn’t follow it any way.

Nobody tells the diabetic patient about government studies showing this is the wrong move and traps you in a downward spiral of ever more powerful drugs needed, artificially exhausting your pancreas, making you in time, a type one diabetic, chained to insulin shots for life, and statistically much earlier death.

The control your own blood sugar (diabetes) in comparison is simply to learn to stop inputting totally, what raises blood sugar. Get and honor a “no eat” ever again list. Most can get their blood glucose levels to no longer even qualify as a diabetic. (author 82, no longer qualify as even a “prediabetic”. 5.9 A1c)

Essentially amounts to eat all you want whenever you want, what your body was made to eat. Avoid inputs your body was not made for. (refined sugar and grains for example_)

What you wanted to hear……

Easy Medical Sell,…….
Keep Eating What You Always Ate, Just A Little Less And Take our Pills and/or Eventually Insulin Shots. Keep Precise Track With A Meter Many Times A Day. Insurance Will pay For all. (except funeral)

Our Hard Sell……

Simple, Take Charge Yourself Diet Change No Bookkeeping-Other Benefits Will Change Your Life


You are likely aware that sugar suppresses your immune system and makes you more affected by diseases, viruses colds etc.

Sugar levels affect Yeast growths everywhere in your diabetic body, particularly your digestive system.

Almost all diabetics have a yeast growth somewhere, in their body, usually totally unknown. These candida infections causes numerous unexplained symptoms you often just blame on diabetes, or getting old.

Internal fungal infections are rarely detected in diabetics, this is something you have to go after yourself and is very difficult to get rid of. (takes months) No satisfactory medications seem available. (toe nail example is likely one of few you can see, other then scalp, skin etc.)

High blood sugar makes a diabetics body a ‘ literal fungus candida, garden. Example, Diabetics have twice the toe nail fungus of general public.

Sugar increases dental problems and associated gum peridontial diseases, often out of control in diabetics and greatly affecting heart problems etc.

Sugar slows mental functions and affects behavior, as well as learning capacity. If you have child or grand child with problems in school, try getting them off all sugar. If you are loosing cognitive ability try the “no sugar fix.”

Cancer cells feed (thrive) on sugar according to clinical and experimental studies… we invite you to explore this.

Sugar intake affects joints and arthritis.

Sugar associated with and seems to affect your blood pressure. Dropping sugar it usually improves.

Stopping refined sugar and high fructose corn syrup, flour and starch input will fix many things besides your diabetes.

This “dropping sugar and grains,”will be the great life expectancy improvement of your lifetime.

Like the smoker quitting cigarettes, it will seem like the end of the world, to do so,

You too, will just like the person stopping smoking, or alcohol, go thru 21 days of withdrawal pain.

Bad news for both, If you cheat, the 21 days starts over.

How Diabetes Adds & Catches Up

You Did Not Catch Diabetes, It Caught Up With You

Even With 50 Contributors, No Diabetes If Avoid Sugar Peaks

Odds “Contributors” Also Add To “Control” Management Problem.

If you are black or Hispanic they say your odds of developing diabetes are about double those of your white counter parts.

This may be simply because of your darker skin, you are twice as likely to be severely Vitamin D deficient. This vitamin D is actually a key body regulating hormone, (misnamed) and being deficient is a severe problem. Turns out over 85% of people that develop diabetes are severely deficient in vitamin D.

Vitamin D is made under your skin after exposure to sunshine, very small amount comes from diet. It is made over a three day period by cholesterol under your skin (and if you are taking “lowering you cholesterol drugs” pills, that’s not helping)

If you wash the oils off your skin with soap your negate the vitamin D making. You can wash, avoid soap for three days.

Best time is noon for max sun exposure with as much skin exposed as possible, and remember, thru glass kills it.

Next take cod liver oil daily particularly over the winter season. Okay so it tastes bad, get mint flavor, it helps.

Any other supplements for Vitamin D, ask for D3. Thats far more absorbed.

Now if you are dark skinned (requires twice the exposure) and in a northern climate in the winter you have an almost automatic problem even working at it.

Next, if you are over 40 you are losing muscle mass, at 1% a year. This is where your body control system has been emergency disposing of high sugar peaks, (to keep you from drowning in it, for 40 years.)

By age 50% the ten per cent loss is becoming significant. Likely the loss has meant some of the excess sugar level has had to convert some of the muscle cells to fat cells to dispose of the now no where else to go sugar peaks.

This means even less muscle cells to dispose of high sugar so you are losing your “muscle mass” sugar dump faster and faster. By 50 odds are you are at “diabetes” surplus sugar hung up in your blood stream with no where to go.

But you just may not know it yet.

See our two pages of two graphics illustrating how this escalation speeds you to diabetes.

The only way to get muscle mass back and improve your “sugar dump” safety area, is to do what is called “strength training”.

This is recommended for every diabetic. Explanation is that strength training, (you can learn to do this at home) is confused with but is entirely different then exercise.

Exercise is just using and helping to keep alive your present muscle mass.

Strength training is a system, where you use weights or other techniques to exceed your present muscles ability for a short time.

Then after a rest of a day or two, your body automatically builds extra new muscle to compensate, muscle you did not have before.

This new muscle developed, has not had a built up resistance to storing sugar when pushed to do so by high insulin levels and will greatly increase your bodies ability to handle substantially more excess sugar peak storage.

This is the only thing we whole heatedly recommend and guarantee will go along way to help you restore your normal ability to handle all food.

When that no longer adequate or fast enough and your muscle mass wont take it you are spilling sugar into your operating blood system. Called “Diabetes”.

Regarding Obesity, this means you have been running high sugar levels that have forced your automatic “keep you from drowning in high blood sugar” system to turn some of it into fat cells in self defense..

This means you have lost muscle cells converted to fat cells that can no longer handle the sugar peak absorbing job. Therefore the word obese means you have lost a huge amount of sugar peak absorbing capacity.

If you have high triglyserides, this means you have high sugar levels that are being converted to fat, (to keep the damaging sticky blood sugar from harming your organs) and those fat globuals are still circulating in your blood stream not yet converting muscle cells.

Same solution…..cut out sugar and starch,,,,and high sugar peaks. Your triglycerides go down.

The fact that they are high means you are well on your way to being diabetic, if not one already.

Note: Diagrams are not scientifically accurate, but are approximations with editorial liberties taken to illustrate with visual comparisons.

Save $: Brown Bag Diabetes Lunches

A Diabetic Needs to Eat A Decent Lunch Away From Home Too…..

Learn: Working With Limited Menu

Carry on a Plane etc in Ziplock Bag in Pocket.

A Diabetic Can Cure Their Diabetes Almost Overnight By Going 100% Raw and/or Live Food,


Goal Here Is to Get To 50% Live Food.

You Eat a Standard Diabetic Control Menu,

This is what works in a brown bag. Boiled Eggs always a good bet, will keep for two weeks unrefrigerated.

Raw Baby Carrots, Avocados, Make a salad in a small jar. Walnuts, Almonds, etc Left over chicken leg, etc.

Having a Brown Bag supply available allows a diabetic to eat every two hours.

Nuts work well for one of the two hours snacks.

The idea of eating something fat or protein every two hours is that foods with proteins and fats take two hours to digest. Therefore you have constant energy supplied to your blood stream and your wild sugar swings from an erratic liver sugar supply is controlled eventually.

It will likely take you 21 days of consistent actions to reprogram your automatic sugar control system, to a settled down state.

The whole key is consistency. No varying from the “made for your model body,” menu. Once your automatic system sees no need and is eventually convinced after 21 days of no need for supplying drastic sugar peaks from the liver, blood sugar swings will start to settle down.

However, get off the wagon even once, then your 21 days starts over. Therefore, if you think you got away with “cheating,” you did not. You “cheated yourself” in getting your automatic sugar control back to more normal.

What Your Model Body Was Made to Eat

35 Billion Ancestors Ate this Menu for 2 Million Years and Your Body has The Well Perfected Software To Handle It.

80% Of Your Modern Menu, Your Body Has No Software Programming to Handle, and/or Attempts to Use Wrong Programming or closest it interprets as fit.

Much of today’s input it misinterprets as a threat to survival (much of it is) and you have inflammation going on which is your bodies attempt to destroy it and dispose of the threat. Inadvertently destroying your body in the process.

Pemmican is dried and all Fermented Foods are “Live” food. Jar of Yogurt With Dark Chocolate mixed in makes a great Chocolate pudding.

Yogurt is made from “dead pasteurized Milk and Cream.” However, it is essentially digested by a culture of live bacteria, the fermented process that makes it “live food” not requiring your body to make enzymes to handle it.

Pemmican is “live meat” etc dried under 118 degrees so the natural enzymes have not been destroyed by heat. Two year old pemmican unrefrigerated is still “live food”.

To learn how to Make Your own Pemmican, http://makepemmican.com

Pemmican is quite simply drying food and your ancestors had everything they needed to make pemmican every time they had a big food find. For Example: American Indians caught up with a herd and killed a buffalo or two. They then had 48 hours to preserve it for use over the next month or over winter season etc.

  1. Cut lean meat up in thin strips, hang it in the sun and in 24 hours it is dried out.
  2. Take rocks (no hurry now) grind it into a powder. Grind other foods such as cranberries, dried out to a powder and mix.
  3. Render fat into a liquid. Mix it with the dried powder. Place mixture (Pemmican) into air tight bags, such as buffalo stomach Indians used. (you can use zip lock bags) Keeps for years, no refrigeration. Is balanced meals, easy to carry.

We tell you modern day options to make dried anything and keep it as “live food.”

Keep in mind that commercially made pemmican is not “live” food because government rules require it be ‘sterilized at much higher temperatures or it can not legally be sold. There fore to bother with eating Pemmican, it needs to be homemade, or it is not “live’ food.

Goal Is to Always Eat near 50% of your Food as “live food.” Therefore get in the habit of using as much of your diet raw, fermented or dried as soon as you can.

We will help with instructions on making your own fermented foods, such as sauerkraut, fermented vegetables, and home made Yogurt.

Of course Pemmican formula is used to make and dry other foods, much of which can be added right in to the Pemmican.

Pemmican is Freedom food for many, particularly diabetics, since it is easy to carry in your pocket and never be caught without the right food again.

Keep in mind a Pemmican can be made as a separate dried Pemmican of other foods and reconstituted with fat.